USA Lab TRU Series 3lb Closed Loop Extractor

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Brand: USA Lab
Material Capacity: 3-5 lbs
Solvent Tank: ASME Certified
Solvent Tank Capacity: 50lb (24lb Butane)


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The TRU series is our way of bringing back quality, reliability, and accurate systems back to the market. The TRU series is all about maximizing your efficiency for every run. Equipped with a 6″ x 24” spool that truly fits +3lbs  of material, An IRC with a 1 micron sintered disk, ASME certified solvent tank, and to top it off it is completely fitted with Superlok compression fittings and valves. Upgrade to the 3LB TRU closed loop system today and see the USA Lab Difference!


 Process up to 15lbs of material in an 8 hour day

*Systems may have a lead time of 1-2 weeks* 

• The material column is 6″x24″ with sight glasses to allow for viewing of up to 5lbs of milled material.
• The CRC is 4″x12″ and comes with a 5 micron sintered disc and sight glasses for clear viewing of the process. 
• The CRC has a built in bypass to allow easy bypass of the CRC.
• The collection is a 100lb solvent tank to allow easy heating, and safer pressure ratings.
• The 3″x 12″ sieve and 10″x10″ coil allow for fast and easy recovery of solvent.
• Small rack mounted footprint of 74″ x 24″ x 66″.
• High quality 1/2″ Compression fittings.
• Each vessel has a 1/4″ MJIC Line for connecting nitrogen lines.
• 150psi Cryogenic Pressure relief valves for safe operation.
Model 5LB-TRU
Max Material 3LB Trim | 5LB of milled material
Material Column Size 6″ x 24″
CRC Size 4″ x 12″ 5UM
Sieve Size 3″ x 12″
Coil Size 10″ x 10″ Bucket
Solvent Tank Size 50LB | 24lb of Butane
Collection Tank Size 6″ x 36″ | 15.5 Liters
Foot print 74″ x 24″ x 66″
Weight 250lbs
Model Quantity
50LB ASME Solvent Tank 1
6″ x 36″ Collection Tank 1
6″x 24″ Material Column 1
4″ x 12″ CRC with 5 Micron Disc 1
3″ x 12″ Sieve 1
10″ x 10″ Condensing Coil 1
24″ x 24″ x 59″ Aluminum Rack 1




Turnkey Packing List



TRU-3lb System


UL Listed 5 CFM UVP-5 Corrosion Resistant 2-Stage Vacuum Pump


200°C 30L Recirculating Heater RH-30L


-40°C 20L Recirculating Chiller UC-20/40


Master Vapor Pump 6CFM Recovery Pump (Included in Active System)




The USA Lab UC-20/40 is a powerful -40°C Chiller with a 20L Reservoir. This chiller is a true lab chiller than is ideal for applications involving vacuum systems, jacketed reactors, rotary evaporators, columns, solvent tanks, and even analytical instruments. 

The USA Lab UC-20/40 chillers offer unbeatable performanceease of use and high reliability. These units keep quiet despite having a powerful pump allowing for constant flow rates to match the needs of demanding applications.




Reservoir Capacity


Reservoir Dimensions

11.8″ x 11.8″

Temperature Range

Room Temperature to -40°C / -40°F

Power Requirements

220-240V 60Hz 20A 1800W Single Phase

Refrigerating BTUs

3,300BTU – 12,400BTU

Circulating Pump Wattage 


Temperature Accuracy

+/- 0.5°C

Pump Flow


Pump Pressure (lift/height)

2.2bar (4m/12ft)

Barb Size





24.8″ x 20.8″ x 43.3″




UC-20/40 Packing List

USA Lab UC-20/40 Chiller

1 PC

5/8″ Insulated Tubing


5/8″ barbed Valve

1 PC

PTFE Sealing Tape

1 PC

-40°C Temperatures are tested under empty load.


The USA Lab RH-30L heater is built for high flow rates at temperatures of up to 200°C. Upgrade any system with a high temperature heater at an affordable price!


Reservoir Capacity: 30L

Reservoir Dimensions: 19″ x 19″ x 12″

Temperature Range: 70°C to 200°C

Power Requirements: 220-240V 50-60Hz 30A Single Phase 6-30P Plug

Heating Wattage: 5000W / 22.7A

Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C

Pump Flow w/ Water (Oil Flow Rate May Vary): 18.3L/Min

Total Pump Lift: 6m

Connection Size: 1/2″ MNPT

Dimensions: 19″ x 19″ x 24″

Weight: 68lbs



USA Lab RH-30L 200°C Heater

1 pc

1/2″ FNPT Insulated Tubing – 6ft

2 pcs

1/2″ FNPT to 1/2″ Barb

2 pcs

32A Fuse

1 pc

Pre-installed 6-30P Plug

1 pc


Our new line of Corrosion Resistant UVP-5 5 cfm Vacuum Pump provides superior quality that compliment multiple applications. These pumps are designed for reliable, long term use at 0.3 microns and a powerful pumping speed of 5 cfm. Each pump comes standard with an exhaust Oil Mist Filter and all parts needed to connect to any system for immediate use. Our UVP-5 Pump is great for any laboratory application, including short path distillation, vacuum ovens, and many more. Upgrade today and get one of the most superior vacuum pumps on the market at an affordable price.
• Allows users to control the gas ballast for multiple vacuum levels
• Corrosion-resistant vanes for premium reliability
• Low noise level and noise-dampening rubber feet
• Internal check-valve, preventing accidental back-flow
• Easy to change oil mist filter
• Large oil reservoir
Model UVP-5 UVP-11 UVP-21
Pumping Speed (60Hz) 5.5 cfm 11 cfm 21 cfm
Ultimate Total Pressure Gas Ballast Close 4×10-2 Pa
 (3.0×10-4 torr) 0.3 Micron
Ultimate Total Pressure Gas Ballast Open 8×10-1 Pa
 (6×10-3 torr) 6 Micron
Power Supply 1 Phase (110V, 60Hz)
Power Rating(kW) 0.4 0.75 1.1
Inlet/Exhaust Flange KF 25
Oil Capacity (L) 0.6~1.0 0.9~1.5 1.3~2.0
Ambient Temperature (℃) 10~40℃
Noise Level (dB) ≤56 ≤60 ≤60
Weight (kg) 21 30 43
External Dimensions 440x144x217MM
Certification UL
Warranty 2 Year
Model UVP-5 UVP-11 UVP-21
Main Vacuum Pump 1 1 1
KF25 x 3/8″ Barb 1 1 1
KF25 Clamp 2 2 2
KF25 O-Ring 2 2 2
Oil Mist Trap 1 1 1
Quart of Oil 1 1 1
Manual 1 1 1

MVP-6CFM Explosion Proof Recovery Pump

Mastor Vapor Pumps MVP-6CFM Vapor Recovery Pump can recover a staggering 1lb of vapor per minute. Each system is certified and made in the USA for superior quality. This pump is 3rd party certifiable with your system, UL listed and FDA compliant. The pump uses no oil allowing for zero contamination of your product. 

You can run these pumps with 100% duty cycle, 24/7 without overheating or issue. The dual-diaphragm pump is electrically powered by an explosion-proof motor, and has a working pressure of 350psi.

Performance Factoids:

    • Recover LP-Gas vapor at over 6 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
    • Recover butane at up to 1 LB/Min (pounds per minute)
    • Recover and re-condense butane at over 12 GPH (gallons per hour)
    • Maximum pumping outlet pressure: 60 PSI (4.1 bar) continuous, 70 PSI (4.8 bar) intermittent
    • Maximum pumping inlet vacuum produced: 27 InHg (0.91 bar)
    • Maximum pumping speed: 190 CPM (cycles per minute)
    • Pump static withstand pressure rating: MAWP 350 PSI (24 bar)
    • Materials: pressure section: stainless steel; diaphragms: FKM; reed valves: stainless steel
    • Optional PTFE diaphragms kit available
    • Process gas temperature range: FKM -40-275F (-40-135C); PTFE +40-220F (4-104C)
    • Recommended FKM replacement schedule: every 1000 hours running time
    • Air temperature range for motor/gearbox operation: 32-104F(0-40C)


Pump Head Charge:

    • Motor is coupled to diaphragms with patented gas pressure charged chamber
    • Pumping outlet pressure runs about 10 PSI lower than the charge gas pressure level
    • Non-reactive CO2 gas is used to charge the pump head
    • CO2 gas is safer than air for driving the pump
    • CO2 gas is non-flammable and non-explosive with LPG (should a diaphragm ever leak)
    • CO2 gas regulator with gauges is provided with pump assembly
    • CO2 tank is operator provided (cannot ship filled tanks) – from any welding supply store
    • Pump charge gas supply: standard (#20) 5 LB tank of industrial CO2
    • Typical CO2 gas usage: <0.2 SCFH (very little); estimated life of charge gas tank: 1 year
    • Pump charge gas pressure range: continuous 5 to 70 PSI (1.4 to 5.5 bar); to 80 PSI intermittent


Electrical and Mechanical:

    • Electric motor: explosion proof for C1D1 hazardous areas; rated Class I Gr C & D, Class II Gr F&G
    • Electric motor: 1 HP, 1800 RPM, 60 Hz
    • Motor option: Model MVP-6CFM-1PH: Single-phase: 115/208-230V, 13.4/6.7 FLA (full load amps)
    • Motor option: Model MVP-6CFM-3PH: Three-phase: 208-230/460V, 3.3/1.65 FLA, Inverter-rated
    • Pump Speed: 190 CPM (cycles per minute) at 60 Hz
    • Noise: sound pressure measured 1 meter from pump: 80.5 dBa
    • Porting: process inlet and outlet: 1/2″ JIC-male
    • Added ports for optional pressure gauges: inlet and outlet: 1/4″ FNPT
    • Inlet & outlet ports at ideal equipment connections heights 46″ and 41″ above floor
    • Size: 17.0″ x 19.9″ x 46″ tall; minimum use of valuable floor space
    • Weight: 182.5 lb (82.8 kg)


Data Sheet and Benefits

Operations Manual

Wiring Information


For Technical Support, Questions, or Other Issues Please Email or Call Us!

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