Unidrive X1000D Homogenizer Drive with Digital Display

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CAT Unidrive X 1000D High-Speed Homogenizer with Digital Speed Display, 110 V, 60Hz

Most Flexible, Most Reliable and Most Versatile Tool for Botanicals including Cannabis.
An ideal solution for botanicals such as cannabis oils, etc.


  • Model: X1000D
  • Idle speed range: (rpm) 4,000-35,000
  • Digital display: Yes
  • Ambient temperature range permissible: (°C) 5 – 40
  • Relative humidity permissible: (%) 80
  • Motor Power: Input, Output: (W, W) 1050, 650
  • Max. Noise: W/out Tool: 78 dB
  • Dimensions: Ø×L or W×D×H (mm) 78×75×310
  • Compatible Accessories: T6, T10, T17,T20, G20, DK30
  • Volume and Flow Rate: 5 Liters (Water) / 33 Liters/minute
  • Weight: (kg) 2.21
  • Power: (V, Hz) 110V – 60Hz

Compact, quietly operating benchtop in-line homogenizers capable of processing cannabis tinctures, beverages, syrups, and other solutions, up to 83 liters/min (22 gallons/minute) is available. This system could also be applied to a wide variety of hemp or other oils.

Dispersing tools are sold complete with rotor and stators as V, N and F types and
different rotors and stators are available to interchange as per your needs.

Example of Generator Types
V type suitable for Viscous materials, N type suitable for Low Viscosity materials, F
type for Fine dispersions and M type for cutting and chopping
V-Type N-Type (Coarse) F-Type M-Type (Knife)
T = Shaft with PTFE bearing. This shaft type is used for standard application. (For
liquid media like water, oil, etc.)
G = Shaft with slide seal ring. This shaft type is excellent for applications

Standard Package Includes:

  • G20V Dispersing Tool with 20mm V-Generator for 250 ~ 5,000 mL Sample 
  • Universal Rotor Wrench – For all shafts 6 to 30 mm. 
  • Universal Socket Wrench – For all shafts 6 to 40 mm 
  • Plate Stand with Support Rod
  • Base is 12 x 8 inches and the rod is 31 inches in height

Specification: Unidrive X1000D Homogenizer Drive with Digital Display

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