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Silikate Pulver 5kg

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Silikate Pulver 5 kg (11 lbs)

100% non toxic

100% organic

99.99% Ultra high purity

The demonstration images are as follows:

  •  Initial oleoresin melt down
  • Winterized
  • Post scrub with silicate powder using the carbon solution. (comparison)

We have achieved a 7 part blend specifically for curative filtration. This is laboratory grade, and is of high quality. Comes with the finest manufactured variation of crystal/silicate matrix available under the known and trusted name of Summit Research. Our proprietary house blend will absolutely satisfy your needs for final polishing in many variable methods.


Directions: Measure out desired amount into beaker. Engage vacuum filtration apparatus with fresh filter paper. Slowly poor viscous prepared sludge onto filter paper until desired cake thickness is achieved. Wait a brief moment for cake to solidify and fluids to self level. Do not allow cake to dry out. Immediately add desired amount of solution over material matrix cake. Cake thickness and performance is relative to density and original clarity of solution to be aided in use. This filter aid is designed to establish an absolute final product prior to removal of solvents before preparation for consumption or further processing and refinement.

Available in larger size Silikate Pulver 8kg

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