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Recirculating Chiller

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Recirculating Chiller

– Across International

The C-Series recirculating chillers are highly functional, thermostatic control laboratory chillers. This workhorse is suitable for just about any lab application you can throw at it.

An easy-to-use, thermostatic control recirculating chiller.

Ready to go right out of the box, these products were designed with simplicity and usability in mind. Simply plug the unit in, and you are ready to get started!

Ideal for cooling rotary evaporators.

Across International chillers are well-suited to a wide range of uses in the lab, like keeping your rotary evaporators cool, working with vacuum systems, plasma etching, laser etching, and jacketed reactors, to name a few.

Eliminates water cooling.

This recirculating chiller system can serve as a valuable alternative to tap-water cooling in laboratory applications. Adding this unit to your setup means you can remove water cooling from most lab systems, reducing maintenance time.

No dry ice or liquid nitrogen necessary.

Through recirculating its internal coolant, this system eliminates the need for ice, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.

The recirculating chiller that saves you money.

These units will save you money – no longer will you have to spend on constantly circulating fresh water in and out. These pumps recirculate the water, eliminating ongoing costs.

Compressor-based, all-steel construction.

This compressor-based water recirculating chiller performs reliably and consistently, due to its all-steel construction and pump filter.

Consistent and powerful suction.

The pumps inside provide consistent and powerful suction, ensuring that you gets as little air in the lines as possible. These recirculators come bundled with a PID controller, which allows you to quickly read and set the temperature of the unit.

Comes in a variety of temperature ranges and sizes.

The temperature range and size of these units will vary depending on which model you select. These chillers also come with built in casters which allows easy mobility across the lab.

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