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Prescott P 1000 LITE

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  • Single Stage
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Hybrid design
  • Type: Batch to Batch (3L feed vessel)
  • Throughput: 1-3L Per hour
  • Added Highlights: GMP package available, Fully upgradeable to Pro


The short path distillation system is designed for distillation of thermally sensitive products under vacuum. The system is used for organic products of thermic instability, high molecular weight and high viscosity at operating temperatures.

The evaporation surface consists of a vertical glass cylinder, double mantled and heated by circulating thermal oil. The product is being spread to a thin film on the inner surface of the evaporator by means of rotating PTFE wiper elements. These wipers are pressed to the inner wall of the surface where they produce a thin film with a continuous distribution of liquid to maximize evaporation. The condenser is vertically arranged in the center of the glass evaporator, tempered by liquid flow, to reduce the distance for the vapors to prevent any pressure drop by huge transfer space. This technology enables the operation at extreme high vacuum to reduce the boiling point of thermal sensitive products botanical extracts without decomposition.

The rotating wiper basket is made of stainless steel Aisi 316 Ti and equipped with PTFE (Teflon) roll wipers.

The PRESCOTT 1000 LITE is offered as a complete turnkey system including complete vacuum accessories and three high capacity thermostats to temper feed-vessel, inlet line, evaporator and the condenser including outlet line. The residue outlet is also tempered to prevent solidification of very heavy, waxy residues.

The PRESCOTT 1000 LITE is a system for batch operation and the economical budget friendly alternative for to our fully continuous flagship PRESCOTT 1000, which includes a sophisticated control cabinet including vacuum control system and tempered gear pumps for automatic operation without vacuum interruption.

One of the unique features of the PRESCOTT 1000 LITE are the interchangeable vessels of feed and residue: The residue vessel can be used as feed vessel, which allows to run the second path without any refilling. This eliminates material losses and saves minimum down time compared to all other systems available.



Mobile Mounting Frame

Includes necessary holders and fastenings to accommodate all components, mounted on 4 wheels

Graduated Feed Vessel

Glass, volume 3000 ml, heated by circulation thermostat liquid flow, with complete heated inlet line, interchangeable with

residue receiver

Thin Film Short-Path Evaporator

Made of glass, ~1000cm2, with heated inlet and outlet lines

and double mantle for thermal oil heating with safety cover in polycarbonate

Wiper Driver Motor

Includes driving shaft with flexible coupling and vacuum- tight lead through

Wiper Basket

Stainless steel AISI 316 Ti with PTFE rollers

Sensor for High Vacuum Application

Includes integrated LCD-display; allows for application down to 10-5 torr (operating vacuum highly variable)

Set of Sealings


Viton components

Optimized Vacuum System

Includes diffusion pump and 15m3/h scroll pump, as well as big vacuum cold trap with 2 additional condensate receivers

Thermostat for Circulation Cooling/Heating

Temperature range -20…+100°C to temper the condenser

cooling finger inside the evaporator with 600W cooling capacity and 2kw heating power

Thermostat for Short-Path Evaporator Operation

Heating capacity of 2 kW, operation temp. max. 200°C, with high performance circulation pump, isolated tubes, PID control

and color display.

Thermostat for Heating of Feed Vessel and Inlet Lines

4l bath capacity, operating range +20°C… +150°C, heating capacity 2kW


Additional heated vessel with dosing valve

Double mantled vessel, 3000ml, graduated, precise dosing valve, to be used as feed vessel or residue vessel, including quick-connectors for fluid tempering.

Full Protective Sheathing

Front and side panels made of transparent polycarbonate material

Immersion Cooler

Automatic cooling of the vacuum cold trap, closed process system, temperature range down to -90°C

Conversion Kit

Converts power supplies between 190V – 600V at sites other than 230V (3 phase)

Pricing Breakdown

P1000 Lite System

$ 99,550

Immersion Cooler

$ 12,195

Protective Sheathing

$ 3,895

Additional Heated Vessel with Dosing Valve

$ 6,595

Conversion Kit

$ 4,995

Packing/Shipping (US & Canada)

$ 2,500

Installation/Training – 1 day

$ 5,000


$ 134,670

*Additional support available for $ 5,000 / day



    • Combines all the positive characteristics of glass and stainless steel

    • Full visibility of the process

    • Reliable and precise

    • Lowest tolerances in the market (no welding, no forming)

    • Easy cleaning

    • lowest maintenance & repair costs due to changeable glass-cylinders

    • complete heated inlet and outlet lines

    • Lowest hold up due to extreme compact design

    • Included protective shield as additional safety feature

    • Reliable and strong design

    • Easily removable for cleaning

    • Full visibility

    • Completely tempered

    • Maximized surface area with minimized distance to the evaporator


    • Dry scroll pump optimized to work with volatile compounds

    • Double condensate receiver system to separate light ends

    • High capacity diffusion pump (65L/s → 234m³/h) with oil level indicator

    • Supersized vacuum cold-trap for outstanding vacuum performance

    • Cold-Trap with drain nozzle for easy maintenance

    • Optional electrical immersion cooler down to -90°C



Wooden crate, suitable for airfreight

Delivery Time:

Approx. 2-4 weeks after full payment

Country of Origin:

Federal Republic of Germany

Customs Tariff No.:

841940 000


Warranty provided for complete system for up to 12 months from installation– restricted to those defects which do not result from natural wear and tear or inappropriate treatment


CE (Declaration of Conformity)

Spare Parts:

Available within shortest time from our stock


Specification: Prescott P 1000 LITE


P1000 LITE

Final Pressure

down to 10-5 torr

Evaporator Surface

approximately 1000 cm2, short path


borosilicate glass and AISI 316 Ti stainless steel

Feed Vessel

3000 ml, graduated, heated, interchangeable

Product Receivers

3000 ml, graduated, heated, interchangeable

Mains Supply

6x 220V, 3 phase, 60 Hz (plug is end user defined)

Feed Range

approx. 1000 – 3000 ml/h, dep. on application*

Weight 1100 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 90 × 33 in

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