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Impak VakRapid2.5 Large Stainless Steel Vertical Band Sealer – Vacuum/Gas Flush – Right to Left – RSV2225SSVGFRL

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Gas flush and vacuum system designed and assembled in California.


This unit requires a regulated (suggested 15 – 20psi) inert gas supply AND a clean, dry compressed air source capable of providing 80 PSI minimum.

As a natural addition to our highly successful VakRapid series of continuous band sealers, the IMPAK VakRapid 2.5 continuous band vacuum and gas flush sealers set the standard for high speed bagging of food, medical, pharmaceutical and electronics applications that require optimum freshness and shelf life. The VakRapid Series provides high quality, hermetic seals on all moisture-barrier bag materials. The vacuum and nitrogen gas flush system removes up to 99% of oxygen, depending on the application, and creates a low moisture package. It is an ideal solution for food, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other products that need added protection against decomposition. The gas flush system also can be used to create a cushion like buffer to protect contents from damage. The VakRapid is economical when compared to other sealers that offer nitrogen gas flushing for air removal. The VakRapid model includes a vacuum cycle after gas flushing to allow virtually oxygen free vacuum-sealed product bags. Additional options include a stainless steel stand with casters for portability, embossing or dry print letter kit and a spare parts kit.

This vertical unit is designed to be used almost right out of the box, and can be set up in 5-10 minutes. This RapidSealer TM (Band Sealer) has a right to left configuration and the bag is fed from the right side of the unit.

Heavy duty stainless steel frame
Digital temperature controller
Stepless speed control
Emergency stop button for operator safety
Breaker protected
Dry ink coding wheel capable of up to 20 characters at one time (upgradable to 40 characters)
Locking heavy duty casters for portability
Adjustable height: 6″ minimum bag height up 29.5″
Seal Speed:  512″/minute – 13m/minute
Adjustable Seal Width:  0.125″ – 0.625″
Temperature Range:  32º F – 575º F / 0º C – 300º C
Voltage/Hz:  110V/60Hz (220V/50Hz is also available) 
Power:  500W / 4.55A
Maximum Load on Conveyor:  30 lbs. / 15 kg
Weight:  350 lbs.
Footprint:  44″ x 24″ x 61″

WARNING: Spare Parts & Accessories are now SOLD SEPARATELY!

In order to reduce the base price of our RapidSealers, we no longer supply accessories and spare parts with each unit. This allows our customers to select these add-ons only as needed.

The following are additional accessories which may be added-on:

(10) PTFE bands
(2) Urethane drive belts
(2) Black ink rolls
(1) Embossing pin wheel kit for dry ink containing
(5) dies each of number 0 to 9 and (3) dies each of the letters “M”, “F”, “D”, and “E”, “X”, “P” (2) Urethane belts 19″
(1) Sensor
(1) Silicon Wheel
(1) Letter Holder
(1) Temperature Controller
(1) Main Control
(4) Clutch Belts
(1) Heating Element



11CXMTR: Motor for RH2225 Sealers
11CXSLCNWHL: Silicone Ring for RS2225 Sealers
11CXCRGDKNB: Corrugated Knob for RS2225 Sealers
11CXSWTH2P: 2 Pack of Switches for RS2225 Sealers
11CXIKWHLDR: 2 Pack of Ink Wheel Holders for RS2225 Sealers
11CXSLCNCR: Core of Silicone Wheel for RS2225 Sealers
11CXBRSHKT: Brush Kit for RS2225 Sealers
11CXFDNGDE: Feeding Guide for RS2225 Sealers
11CXURTBLT: 13.5″ Urethane Belt for RS2225 Sealers
11CXMBSNRLST: Embossing Roller Seat for RS2225 Sealers
11CXMECHS: Mechanical Sensor for RS2225 Sealers
11CXPNWHKT: Pin Wheel Kit for RS2225 Sealers
11CXPWRLN: Power Line for RS2225 Sealers
11CXIKRHTNLMN: Ink Roller Heating Element
11CXINKWHBLK: Ink Wheel Black for RS2225 Sealers
11CXLWPNHRLR: Lower Pinch Roller for RS2225 Sealers
11CXSMPLBGKT: Small Pulley Kit for RS2225 Sealers
11CXUPCLBLKSF: Upper Cooling Block Shaft for RS2225 Sealers
11CXUPPNHRLR: Upper Pinch Roller for RS2225 Sealers
11CXCTBLT4P: Pack of 4 Clutch Belts for RS2225 Sealers
11CXDRVWHST: Drive Wheel Seat for RS2225 Sealers
11CXHTNLMNT: Heating Element for RS2225 Sealers
11CXIKWHTNBL: Ink Wheel Heating Block for RS2225 Sealers
11CXDRVNWHL: Driven Wheel for RS2225 Sealers
11CXINKWHRD: Ink Wheel Red for RS2225 Sealers
11CXUPHTBLSF: Upper Heating Block Shaft for RS2225 Sealers
11CXPWRBRKR: Power Breaker for RS2225 Sealers
11CXTLKT: Tool Kit for RS2225 Sealers
11CXLTTRKT: Letter Kit for RS2225 Sealers
11CXBKRCVRBLT: Back Roller of Conveyor Belt for RS2225 Sealers
11CXURTNBLT2P: Pack of (2) 13.5″ Urethane Belts for RS2225 Sealers
11CXURTNBLT: Pack of 2 13.5″ Urethane Belts for RS2225 Sealers
11CXCVRBLT: Conveyor Belt for RS2225 Sealers
11CXPNTRSNR: Printer Sensor for RS2225 Sealers
11CXNMBRKT: Number Kit for RS2225 Sealers
11CXFTRCVRBLT: Front Roller of Conveyor Belt for RS2225 Sealers
11CXLWCLNBLK: Lower Cooling Block for RS2225 Sealers
11CXUPCLNBLK: Upper Cooling Block for RS2225 Sealers
11CXLWHTNBLK: Lower Heating Block for RS2225 Sealers
11CXUPHTNBLK: Upper Heating Block for RS2225 Sealers
11CXTFNBD2225-10P: 10 pack of 22.25″ Teflon Bands for RS2225 Sealers
11CXAXLFNCT: Axial Fan with Wind Catcher for RS2225 Sealers
11CXHTNBLK2P: Pack of 2 Heating Blocks for RS2225 Sealers
11CXURTBLT10P: Pack of 10 Urethane Belts for RS2225 Sealers
112CXRTLFGRBX: Right to Left Gearbox for RSV2225 Sealers
11CXDTMPCNTL: Digital Temperature Control for RS2225 Sealers
11CXLCTMCTAS: Electromagnetic Clutch Assembly for RS2225 Sealers

Specification: Impak VakRapid2.5 Large Stainless Steel Vertical Band Sealer – Vacuum/Gas Flush – Right to Left – RSV2225SSVGFRL







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