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Bruteless Complete 2 Hose Kit

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Tired of not having the perfect set up for your hashing washing station? This Bruteless™ water hose kit is designed to work in tandem with PurePressure’s Bruteless™ water pump. These food and beverage hoses and fittings connect your entire system to efficiently move water to and from these vessels. You will need one Complete 2 Hose Kit for every water pump, which include one hose for the inlet and one for the outlet.  

  • Includes 25′ of food and beverage PVC 1″ hose length, 4 stainless steel 1″ barb to 1″ tri-clamp fittings, 4 stainless steel 1.5″ sanitary clamps with matching gaskets, Teflon tape, and a hose cutter
  • Ultra durable, ribbed PVC hose length rated to operate between -15° to 155° F
  • For every pump, purchase one of these hose kits to move water either into or out of your  Bruteless™ hash washing vessel
  • Easily assemble and customize the hose lengths to your extraction set up for optimal usage – no more tripping over hoses

How to Assemble Your Hoses

Step 1. Using the full hose reel, slide a hose clamp over one end and then wet one of the 1″ barb hose clamp fittings, and firmly push it into the cut end of the hose.

Step 2. Holding the hose, use a rubber mallet to tap the face of the tri-clamp fitting into the hose so that it is flush. 

Step 3. Tighten the hose clamp around the hose in the middle of the hose barb, ensuring a watertight seal. Then, attach your hose with a clamp and gasket to your vessel and hand tighten. 

Step 4. Route the hose to your pre-positioned pump and find the most convenient position before marking and cutting with the provided hose cutter. 

Step 5. After cutting, repeat steps 1 through 3 to complete your assembly.

Have questions? Call us at 720-446-9565 or send us an email at sales@gopurepressure.com. We’re here to help.

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