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50L EcoChyll X5 High-Speed Evaporator

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  • Patented EcoChyll condensation unit reaches -40°C on the coils in under one minute
  • Spacious evaporation flask prevents “bumping” of solution into condensation unit
  • Single user operation with minimal interference required
  • Capable of evaporating ethanol at low temperatures (38C)
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Safety features for automatic shutdown



  • Dimensions (approx.) – 50″ L x 20″ W x 72″ H
  • Mobility – All components on locking wheels


  • Total power usage – 5.1kW
  • Heating mantle – 15 amp, 230V single phase line, 3.5kW
  •  X5 EcoChyll – 15 amp, 230 single phase line, 1.6kW
  • Vacuum pump, stirring rod, liquid transfer pump all use standard 115V (or 230V) lines


  • Evaporation flask load volume – 50L
  • Evaporation flask minimum load volume – 2L
  • Receiving keg load volume – 60L
  • EcoChyll minimum temperature – -50°C
  • Condenser single-coil surface area – ~4,500 cm2
  • Heating mantle maximum temperature – 250°C
  • Overhead stirrer maximum speed – 1800rpm (recommended 150rpm)
  • Overhead stirrer maximum torque – 50 in-lbs = 800 in-oz
  • Metal parts – Stainless steel 316
  • Glass parts – Borosilicate glass
  • Sealing and tubing materials – PTFE and FEP
  • Warranty** – Two-Years Manufacturer (includes parts & labor, excludes all glass components)

50L EcoChyll X5 Hi-Speed Evaporator

Turnkey System Designed for:
Large Scale Solvent Recovery and Decarboxylation
Solvent Recovery Throughput:
Up to 10L of ethanol per hour
Decarboxylation Capacity:

Designed for budget-conscious users of evaporation lab equipment, the EcoChyll® X5 is an extremely efficient alternative to all existing evaporative technologies. Based on the same metallic condenser coil technology that elevates each instrument in the EcoChyll line, the EcoChyll® X5 features a single coil in a robust, space-friendly unit. With a 50L capacity and a small footprint, it is a premium compromise between cost and convenience.

Our cost-competitive evaporation unit is a turn-key solution for solvent recovery and decarboxylation. Built with pioneering smart cooling technology, the EcoChyll® X5 automates the vapor cooling process to free-up user time for other operations. This method is now the preferred solution for evaporation in a wide range of botanical extraction applications.

Budget-Conscious Lab Equipment from Ecodyst

Ecodyst is the world’s first lab equipment manufacturer to use metallic condensers in evaporation and decarboxylation processes. Our disruptive approach has set a new standard of cost-efficiency and results reliability in emerging markets, like the hemp industry. The EcoChyll® X5 is a novel solution for cost-limited researchers in botanical markets like extraction.


-NRTL-certified to UL 61010-1 electrical equivalent

-GMP compliant for US, EU and Canadian regulations


Note: The X5 EcoChyll can be paired with 22 and 50 liter evaporation units. The X7 EcoChyll can be paired with 22, 50, 72, and 100  liter evaporation units. 

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