4×8 Dual 1000 watt Gavita – Gorilla Grow Tent Package

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Everything you need to get started on your own home grow. Components include tent, lighting, inline fan, filter, timer and ducting.


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4×8 Dual 1000 watt Gavita – Gorilla Grow Tent Package

(*Call for substitutions on grow room packages)

4×8 Dual 1000 watt Gavita – Gorilla Grow Tent Package includes:

(1) 4×8 Gorilla Grow Tent

(2) Gavita Pro 1000 watt DE Complete Fixture

(2) Light Hangers, 1/8″ (pair)

(1) 10″ Active Air fan

(1) 10 x24″  filter

(1) 8″ Hyper Fan intake

(1) 8″ Intake filter

(2) 6″ clip fans

(2) Single outlet digital timer 240v

(1) 8 feet on 8″ ducting

(1) 10″ x 25 ft ducting

(1) 5 yard roll duct tape


(1) Gorilla Grow Tent (4×8)

Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be. Large EZ View windows offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways offer 360 degree convenient access. The larger layouts provide frustration free maneuvering.

(2) Gavita Pro 1000 Watt Complete Fixtures w/Philips Lamp

The GAVITA Pro 1000 is available as a complete fixture with the highly efficient professional HortiStar HR 96 1000 DE reflector or as a remote ballast. Being completely closed and solid state (no fans) with extremely low heat dissipation the remote ballast can be mounted close to your lamps, enabling safe and easy installation. Having your ballast close to your lamp reduces the amount of EMI (RF interference). Both ballasts are adjustable to 600/660/750/825/1000/1150 watt, enabling them to drive a wide range of EL lamps and boost them 10 or 15%, creating the highest output in the market.Genesis Bulbs are designed for use in high frequency digital ballasts and are engineered to withstand the increased demand required from pairing a high intensity lamp with a ballast incorporating an overclocking feature. Genesis Bulbs have been tuned for the proper CRI (color rendering index) when overclocked to 10% their stated wattage.

(2) Light Hangers 1/8″ (pair)

Secure items quickly and easily with Light Hangers (rope ratchets). They pull tight, lock in place, will never break or slip, are heat and cold resistant and will not rust. Made from 8’ braided polypropylene rope.

(1) Active Air 10” In-Line Duct Fan

Active Air In-Line Duct Fans offer innovation and performance at a great price. Active Air Fans feature quiet operation, high quality molded impeller, thermally-protected AC motor, metal housing, durable ceramic coating, mounting brackets and an 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord.

(1) 8″ Hyper Fan

Delivering the highest CFM’s per watt of any fan in the industry. Hyper Fan’s develop higher static pressures and higher airflows than any other mixed flow fans in the market. They are the answer to a unified environmental solution for your garden. Every fan includes a detachable, fully-adjustable speed control. In addition to the highest airflow and highest static pressure, Hyper Fan’s have the lowest power consumption, ensuring the best performance and the lowest cost of ownership. The State-of-the-art Digital DC motor is reliable and long lasting. Laminar flow blades and stators for best efficiency of any line of fans.

(2) 6” Clip Fans

The 6″ Clip-On Fan features a convenient and easy to use spring loaded clip, making the fan versatile for multiple uses. This two speed clip fan is great for small gardens. It will clip to almost anywhere and takes up almost no space. Although they are small these fans pack a big punch and move a surprising amount of air!

(1) Australian Virgin Carbon Filter 10″ x 24″ 850 CFM Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are an extremely effective way to remove unwanted odors from your cultivation area. We use the highest quality virgin carbon on the market today. Our filters are packaged immediately after manufacturing to protect the integrity of each product. Made with lightweight aluminum, these filters are easy to handle. Each product includes a pre-filter that collects material that could clog the carbon.

(2) Titan Controls Apollo 11, 240v Digital Timer

One (1) outlet. 1 minute intervals and run up to 20 schedules per day. Battery back-up feature saves settings in case of power failure. Heavy duty construction. Daylight savings mode to accommodate time change. Enclosure resists dust, rust and moisture. Runs lights, pumps, fans, etc. Do not use with digital ballasts. 10 Amps maximum/240 Volts/60 Hz.

(1) 10″ x 25ft Ducting

High-performance ducting is one of the most reliable options for exhausting warm, humid air from the indoor garden. Featuring several layers of reinforced metal laminate casing, a smooth double-sealed interior and galvanized steel coils, this six-inch ducting is air-tight, puncture-resistant, and easy to install. Heavy-duty ducting also assists in keeping noise to a minimum. Our expandable air duct is made of aluminum, designed for years of use. It will handle temperatures up to 140 degrees and will not kink. It comes in 25′ sections which can be cut to length.

Ducting 8″, 8 ft.

5 Yards Silver Flex Duct Tape    


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