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Missouri Medical Flower Sales Reach New Record in June

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Missouri medical cannabis sales reached a new record in June at nearly $16.4 million, according to Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services data outlined by KHQA. In all, medical cannabis sales have topped $70 million in the eight months following the opening of the state’s first dispensary.

Missouri has so far licensed a total of 201 medical cannabis facilities, including 126 dispensaries, the report says. There are about 121,000 patients registered with the state.

Alan Zagier, a representative from the Missouri Medical Flower Trade Association, in an interview with KHQA, described the cannabis sector as “essentially Missouri’s newest twenty-first-century industry.”

“Now we’re really at the moment when rubber hits the road, and we’re really starting to see the results of all this hard work our members have put in. … The benefit extends to not just cannabis patients but also to the workforce. This is a real shot in the arm for lots of communities across the state. These are real, tangible jobs.”Zagier to KHQA

Zaiger added that the number of dispensaries in Missouri is twice that of those in Illinois, despite the latter having a population more than double his home state.

According to state data, as of April, there were also 26,610 patients licensed to cultivate their own cannabis and 2,711 caregiver cultivators, who are allowed to grow cannabis for other patients.

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