Hemp Extraction: 5 Basics You Need To Know

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The extraction of hemp and CBD allows users to consume a variety of different products with little to no smoke at all. One of the many benefits of extracts is its ability to vary in effects, allowing for customization of the medicinal or psychoactive ingredients during the extraction process. As concentrate and extract popularity continues to skyrocket, businesses are scrambling to offer their own crafted product.

However, very few know about the in-depth extraction processes as well as the physical risks associated with hemp extraction output. Proper laboratory equipment and distillation systems are necessary to logistically plan your operation. Here, we’ll discuss the basics you need to know about extraction before taking the plunge into production and how these items can directly impact the potency of the end product.

#1. The Extraction Process

At a high level, extraction is the separation of solvents, containing the CBD and other hemp properties, from the actual flower. Different extraction techniques can yield different potency, flavor, consistency and more. One of the most common, and safe, methods is to use water and a combination of heat pressure called water hash extraction. Depending on the process, extracts can be completely solid, semi-liquid, or liquid. After the extraction is complete it can then be used in edibles, vape pens, lotions and more. However, extraction is not advised to be done at home or anywhere outside of a professionally equipped facility. Some forms of extraction can be extremely dangerous and could potentially injure people or structures.

#2. Water Extraction

As stated above, water extraction is one of the non-solvent options available for extraction, and this method can also create a top-notch product similar to other extraction techniques with minimal environmental impact. This process involves putting the plant inside freezing water and is continually stirred until trichomes and terpenes are separated. While this method results in a slightly lower level (only about 50%-70%) it’s risk is relatively low and is generally cost-effective. If you’re considering water extraction talk to an expert to determine the best supplies necessary to produce the highest quality extract.

#3. Butane Extraction

Butane Honey Oil Extraction (BHO) is an extraction process where butane is sprayed on the flower where the mixture is left to evaporate off of the plant. After evaporation, a vacuum is used to remove any remaining butane off of the now extracted mixture. The mother liquor is about 50% to 60% prior to winterization and further distillation which is required to achieve higher levels of concentration. It must be noted however that the butane extraction method is considered highly dangerous due to its high flammability and should not be performed without the proper lab equipment.

#4. CO2 Extraction

One of the most non-toxic environmentally friendly hemp and CBD extraction methods is CO2 extraction. Aside from hemp, CO2 extraction is often used within the food and beverage industry and omits zero toxins into the air. This method involves CO2 that is heated to a high temperature then is passed through the flower. The remaining liquid is then sent through a separator to remove any leftover CO2 gas from the terpenes and is then returned to its original form to be used again during the next extraction process. Much like butane extraction, CO2 extraction should not be performed without precise equipment as it could result in dangerous laboratory conditions or product that does not meet FDA standards.

#5. Different Types Of Extracts

All of these different extraction methods help produce a potent product that easily elevates any experience. Different types of ways extracts are consumed include waxes, hash, oils, and dabs and is considered more potent than the hemp plant itself. These often work together with concentrates as a mixture or accent that completely customizes the levels of potency and experience depending on personal preference. Some studies suggest that some forms of extracts can help people fall asleep, or even help alleviate pain. Those who are less experienced with extracts might want to consider starting with low dosage vape pens, while a more season veteran may enjoy the highly aromatic ‘sauce.’ Regardless, extracts allow you to experience CBD in a multitude of ways in a variety of flavors, textures, and aromas.

If you are looking to expand your laboratory operations, extracts are definitely a rising product market. From dabs to oils, extracts can provide both medicinal and recreational benefits depending on personal preference. It’s important to fully understand the extraction process and which method is necessary for the type of product you would like to yield. If you are looking for the safe and necessary equipment for your extraction operation, contact the experts at Scientific Solutions today to help guide you in the right direction.

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