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Terpene Distillation Kit

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Lab Society spent years developing the perfect steam distillation system, This has resulted in the Lab Society Terpene Distillation Kit. This system is composed of all the elements needed for inert gas or steam distillation of terpenes and essential oils, aside from an inert tank/regulator.

Steam or inert gas is pushed through a unique fitted down stem, into a round bottom flask.allows for a more even flow of steam or inert gas. This translates to better yields and less degradation. Distilled water is added to the bottom of the reaction flask to cool down the steam or inert gas depending on your needs. The result is a highly pure isolation.


  • everything you need for the steam distillation of terpenes
  • American-made glassware & controllers
  • industrial-grade components
  • custom-engineered design
  • easy to use and affordable
  • separate and condense your desired fractions
  • biomass chamber included

System Specifications

  • Steam Reservoir Size: 4.9 Liters
  • Material Reservoir Size: 5 Liters

System Requirements

  • Cooling for Graham Condenser: Pair with LS-BTK-4P, C15, or any recirculating chiller

System And Electrical Parameters

  • Glassware: Meets ASTM specification E438, Type 1, Class A, and is made from Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass
  • Steam Generator: 1500 watts, Two thermal protectors

Specification: Terpene Distillation Kit

Weight 80 lbs

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