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Whistler WT-300 Full System

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The WT-300 is designed for maximum production in a small space. This machine is an efficient “workhorse” which will allow you to produce large quantities of cannabis extracts in almost any facility.


This system has a 300L agitation tank and can process up to 24 kg of fresh frozen or up to 8 kg of dry biomass per run. Designed to fit through a regular 32” doorway, this system is easy to move into almost any space, including a mobile lab, while having an impressive capacity.


With the ability to add additional agitation tanks, this system can scale up quickly as your processing business grows.


Whistler Technologies started with the idea of modernizing the production of bubble hash. After many long days of tirelessly pulling bubble bags in the lab, they made it their mission to streamline the hash making process, without compromising on quality or efficiency. They assembled a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and bubble hash experts, to engineer a solution. Their team boasts over 40 years of experience in the cannabis industry, with over 30 years in the solventless space. Whistler Technologies’ innovative systems are built upon many years of research in trichome development, extraction, and best manufacturing practices.

Whistler Technologies has devised a proprietary process to extract the cannabinoids and aromatic volatile compounds present in fresh bubble hash or any resin, into an edible oil base, and then decarboxylate in a single vessel reaction.

• Resulting product is a premium terpene enriched cannabis oil
• Lower cost than competition without any safety regulations like solvent extraction
• Higher terpene-to-cannabinoid ratio than the dried flowers
• Superior flavour and fragrance compared to oils prepared with solvents

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