Welch DryFast Pump

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Welch DryFast Pump

The Welch DryFast Pump features a PTFE Diaphragm. This model has a small footprint, which makes it a viable pump for most labs. The internals of the system (which are all chemical and corrosion resistant) contain: Kalrez valves, flourinated plastics, PTFE heads, and a PTFE diaphragm.

Easy to use and highly portable.

The parts are all oil free, reducing the need for maintenance. The Welch DryFast Pump also has a two-head diaphragm design, which adds to ease of use while still maintaining its portability. The flow rate can vary depending on which type of vacuum you choose, with a max flow rate of 70L/min. An adjustable vacuum knob will allow the vacuum to pull down to two Torr.

Versatile and reliable.

These pumps are most used for applications such as Rotary Evaporation, Short Path Distillation, Vacuum Ovens, concentrating, and more. The pump has a 1/5 hp and 150 watt motor which is a reliable and economical approach to a vacuum pump while remaining quiet. These units work particular well when removing high boiling point solvents or when stripping DMF.

Specification: Welch DryFast Pump

Weight 50 lbs

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