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USA Lab 9 Piece Cleaning Brush Set

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This laboratory cleaning brush set is made of polypropylene and it is used for cleaning dirty glassware. Use it to scrape the inner walls of your beakers, funnels, test tubes, and various other pieces of laboratory equipment and glassware. 9 brushes – each one unique size and shape for hard-to-clean bottles, dispensers & more. Flexible wound-wire handles conform to odd shapes, galvanized steel for rust resistance.

Note: Brushes can and will get dirty in the course of normal use, so be sure to have a few extra on hand.



9 Piece Brush Sizes

Natural Boar Bristles

(11” x 2.5”), (8” x 1.5”), (8” x 0.75”), (8” x 0.5″)

Soft Nylon Baby Bottle

(8” x 2”)

Stiff Nylon

(12” x 0.5″), (8” x 0.75”), (6” x 0.25″)

Extra Stiff Nylon

(10” x 0.375”)



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