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Umang Film Casting Machine

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Umang Pharmatech Pvt Ltd’ s UCFC- 300-S is a continuous film Making machine designed to
produce Pharmaceutical grade ‘Mouth Dissolving film’ in Pilot scale.



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It consists of a set of roller arrangements for holding and smooth movement of base film and caste film.

A closed coating assembly provided inside the casting chamber can coat continuously on a base film with solution or dispersion in variable thickness, say 0.7 mm to 1 mm with an accuracy of 40 to 80 microns. The thickness of the casting is adjustable with simple screw by viewing a built in thickness indicating micrometer dial. The thickness of the film may be 0.09 mm (90 microns) to 0.3 mm (300 microns) depends on formulations with an accuracy of 10 to 30 microns Set of heaters are mounted inside the drying chamber below the film line to heat cross air flow system which in turn dries the film.

Web aligning system and automatic web tension control for proper winding.

The drying zone & casting zone is visible from outside. It ensures that, there is no place for hidden debris and product contamination.

Substrate unwinding roll, the substrate winding roll & product film roll can be loaded / unloaded
from the front side by simply sliding on to respective roll shafts.

The speed of the rollers is controlled by linear motion encoder, PLC & VFD. The Human Interface is a touch screen.

The temperatures of each zones are controlled by PID & PLC. The Human Interface is a touch screen.


The main parts of this machine are:

  • Fabrication body SS 304.
  • Ultra precision lamination station.
  • Base film unwinding shafted roll with VFD Controlled branded geared AC motor drive.
  • Base film with product film winding shafted roll with VFD Controlled branded geared AC motor drive
  • Laminated film winding shafted roll with VFD controlled geared AC motor drive (optional)
  • 4 drying zones with 8 cartridge heaters
  • 8 Nos hot air distributors with RTD sensors
  • Built in air flow fan with heater wise distribution ducts.
  • Fresh air entry system
  • Vapor ventilation port.
  • Branded web aligning system with web sensor
  • Web tension setting arrangements with branded torque sensors
  • Built in electrical / HMI panel.
The design considerations:
  • Modular, Compact, Cost efficient & GMP design.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Automatic.
  • Cantilever type design.
  • Precise closed coating system. Coating thickness can be varied by simple adjustment.
  • High efficient 4 drying zones with cartridge heaters (0.9 Kw x 8 Nos).
  • Casting width up to 220 mm on Base film width of 305 mm.
  • The output speed will be 50 -200 mm per min depending on thickness and formulation.
    (Speed can be set from 50 mm to 300 mm/min.)
  • Caste film separation. (optional)
  • PLC based Control System.
  • VFD Driven motor for infinite variable speed.
  • Fully qualified and documented

Operation of Machine:
The substrate film rolls to mount on the unwinding roll Shaft, empty roll reel is assembled on substrate winding roll, substrate film to lay & connect to winding roll. Activate the machine. The substrate film will be released from the unwinding roll by pulling action of winding roll. The solution is coated on substrate film at coating station in  redetermined width and thickness. The laminated wet solution moves through drying zones. The temperature at drying zone is being sensed and set as required. A dried layer of products (film) over the substrate will be coming from the drying zone continuously. Linear speed of the substrate & the products can be set-ted subjected to drying time.


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