Ultrasonic Cleaner – Stainless Steel 99L Commercial Grade Digital

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Ⅰ. Introduction

Digital control series ultrasonic cleaning machines have been widely used in hospitals, medicine, schools, scientific research, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, machinery, transportation, national defense and other industries.

For instruments, meters, electronic devices, circuit boards, semiconductor silicon chips, magnetic materials, electroplating parts, hardware, optical lenses and spare parts, audio magnetic head, polyester filter element, spinneret, latex mold, medical equipment, glassware, jewelry The deep cleaning of clock parts, precision hardware, bearings, oil nozzles, oil pumps and parts and components with complex geometry in mechanical manufacturing, especially the dirt cleaning of deep holes, blind holes and concave and convex surfaces, is the most ideal high-efficiency and high-precision cleaning equipment at present.

When cleaning, choose to add the corresponding cleaning solution to achieve better cleaning effect.

Ⅱ. Ultrasonic Principle

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the cavitation effect caused by high frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signal in the fluid. Microscopic bubbles are formed, and then implode violently causing the cavitation which create an intense scrubbing action on the surface of the item being cleaned. The bubbles are small enough to penetrate microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and consistently.

Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime which would normally require tedious manual cleaning by hand. It has been used to clean a wide variety of instruments and mechanical parts such as carburetors, returning them to almost “like new” condition without damage to delicate parts.

Ⅲ. Cleaner Components

Ultrasonic Cleaner 99L

① SUS 304 stainless steel tank ② Sound proof lid ③ Mesh basket ④ Operation panel ⑤ Fan ⑥ Drain valve

Ⅳ. Technical Parameter

  • Inner tank size: 550*450*400mm
  • Overall dimemtion: 820*630*850 mm
  • Capility: 99L
  • Working HZ: 28/44 Khz
  • Ultro-sonic: 1500 Watt
  • Heater: 3000 Watt
  • Tank material: 2.5mm SS104
  • Case material: 1.0mm SS304
  • Release valve: 1″
  • Power: 220V
  • Temp.: 0-80℃
  • Time: 1-99 mins

Ⅴ. Features

  • SUS 304 stainless steel tank
  • Industrial grade integrated circuit
  • 0~80℃ temperature range
  • 1~99 minutes working time
  • Power adjustable
  • Dewaxing and degreasing function
  • 28KHz for gross rinse or 40KHz for intensive rinse
  • Auto Stand-by, Sleep, and wake up by one key-press Mode
  • Simple Digital Controller of high-precision and a long service-life
  • Digital controller of high-precision and a long service-life

Ⅵ. Operating Manual

  1. Before operating
  • Carefully unpack the cleaner, remove all packing materials and check whetherany parts have become loose or damaged during transit.
    Contents: a: Main machine    b: Sound proof lid           c: Power cable
               d: Outlet filter       e: Mesh basket (Optional)   f: Manual
  • Place the cleaner on a flat, clean surface and ensure thatthe cooling fan will get adequate ventilation, and that all controls are set to off, and the drain tap is closed.
  • Ensure that thepower cables are securely and correctly connected with the single phase switch (220V) or three-phases switch(380V), and that no part of these cable is likely to contact with moisture or wate.
  • Carefully fill at least 1/2 of the tank with a solvent solution. Based on cleaningrequirements, we recommend to use a small amount of cleaning solution because this will help increase the cleaning performance. Now the cleaner is ready for use.
  1. Operation instructions
  • Fill the stainless steel tank with cleaning solution; turn the single phase switch or three phases switch on; After power-on, the LED display of the temperature displays the actual environmental temperature; while the LED display of time displays 3 minutes (default ultrasonic time).
  • Time setting: Press the “TIME-/TIME+” shortly at a time means time increase/reduce 1 min at a time, press and hold means time will increase/reduce by 10 mins continuous The cleaning stops when the timer counts down to 00:00. If the unit needs to be stopped before the timer runs up, press “Ultrasonic”button.
  • Temperature setting: Press temperature-/temperature+” shortly at a time means time increase/reduce 1℃ at a time, press and hold there means time will increase/decrease by 10℃. Note: Usually, the best cleaning temperature is within 40℃ to 60℃. The temperature displayed is the real temperature. The default value of the temperature is 0℃. When you set temperature, the heating function cannot be started unless the set temperature is higher than the environmental temperature and the “Heating” button is pressed after the temperature setting. When the real temperature is higher than the set temperature, the indicator of heating will turn off. However, the heating function would not be turned off automatically if the ultrasonic cleaning still works, it will start again when the water temperature is lower than the set temperature. In this case, you can only press “Heating” to turn off heating function. However, if the ultrasonic cleaning time runs out, the heating function will stop automatically.
  • After time and temperature setting, press “Ultrasonic” or “Heating” button to start both functions. Press “Ultrasonic” or “Heating” button again, the Ultrasonic or heating function will stop.
  • Power Controller: the power can be adjusted among 0% and 100%. Users can adjust the power value randomly based on the characters of the stuffs to be cleaned.
  • Empty the tank and clean both the outside and inside of the cleaner with a clean and dry cloth for next use.

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