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710SPIRITS High Purity Extraction Grade Solvent IN STORE PICK UP ONLY

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710 Spirits is An extraction solvent that maintains the quality of ethanol while removing the tax.
Made up of 95% Food Grade, USP, ACS Grade Ethanol and 4.5% high purity n-Heptane which is an industry approved standard solvent. Blending it in this way makes it undrinkable but is as easy as pure ethanol to remove completely. It leaves no taste, evaporates completely and gives clean residue testing results.
A blended solvent, but it is comparable to ethanol in solubility and evaporative properties.
Manufactured by one of the largest and most reputable ethanol manufacturers in North America.
Every lot of 710 Spirits comes with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) stating the exact values of the material properties. See an example of those values in the “MORE DETAILS” tab above.


710 Spirits can be used anywhere you would use pure ethanol in the extraction process, however, it may be necessary to use pure ethyl alcohol in the final wash stages. Users should always test new materials in their processes and have them verified through analytical testing before making a switch. We recommend you talk with your equipment manufacturer to make sure it is compatible with 710 Spirits.


710 Spirits™ is NOT for personal use such as homemade tinctures and Rick Simpson Oil!
Extractions using the 710 Spirits blend MUST be processed using commercial equipment where harmful residual solvent levels are monitored and tested. Your extraction process MUST bring oil to 98°C to remove ALL residual solvent from your end product.

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