Stainless Steel LP Tank – Includes Gas and Liquid Fill/Drain Ports

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Stainless Steel LP Tank – Includes Gas and Liquid Fill/Drain Ports

Stainless Steel LP tanks offer a superior way to decrease contamination of solvent and feature a tri-clamp lid with a high-pressure clamp. This allows easy access to the inside of the tank, making clean out simple, unlike a normal carbon steel LP tanks. Tanks feature a safety collar to prevent damage to the valves, as well as a welded ring on the bottom to prevent damage to tank body and allow better circulation of fluid around the entire tank. Lids come configured with 2 valves and compound gauge and polycarbonate sight glass on the larger #50 and #100 tanks.  These tanks come with Milwaukee 1/4″ FNPT valves and 1/4″ 37 Degree JIC Flares with one port being connected to a dip tube.

***Note: Tank comes empty and does not include solvent.

Butane Capacity Calculation: 

  • All solvent tanks sold by Best Value Vacs have their capacity determined by this calculation and are based on industry standard nomenclature of the water weight tank # system because the specific gravity of water is 1.000 and the DOT 80% fill guideline.
  • Example: 100# Tank = ~100lbs of water weight, Halfton Tank = 1000lbs of water weight.
Tank #  Water Weight in Lbs
Specific Gravity of Butane 0.601
80% Fill Guidline 0.800


(Tank #) * (Specific Gravity of Butane) * ( 80% Fill Guildine)


Sizes Available:

  • 30#
  • 50# – 1.5″ Tri-Clamp ferrule with sight glass
  • 100# – 1.5″ Tri-Clamp ferrule with sight glass


Tank/Component Material 304 Stainless Steel
Gasket Material BUNA-N
Sight Glass Material (50# and 100# Only) Polycarbonate
Standard 3A High Polish
Connection Type(s) 1/4″ (7/16-20) x 37° JIC
Lid Connection Type(s): Tri-Clamp
  1/4″-20 FNPT 
Butane Capacity:  
30# 14.424
50# 24.040
100# 48.080

These are not DOT rated tanks and are not recommended for transportation when filled.

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