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Silver Box Hydrogarden with Compact Lighting

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Silver Box Hydrogarden with Compact Lighting

(*no substitutions on grow room packages)

Silver Box Hydrogen with Compact Lighting package includes:

(1) GrowLab 60 Grow Tent

(1) Hydrofarm System Compact Fluorescent

(1) 125 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb- Warm

(1) Light Hangers, 1/8″ (pair)

(1) Active Air 4″ Inline Fan

(1) 4″ X 25FT Ducting

(1) 4″ Hose Clamps, Stainless Steel (pair)

(1) Carbon Filter 4in x 20in

(1) Dual Outlet Digital Timer

(1) Grow More Grow, Quart

(1) Grow More Micro, Quart

(1) Grow More Bloom, Quart

(1) Fan Speed Controller

(1) Fol-n-Gro “Gro Momma” Bubbler Bucket   *or optional upgraded Hydrogarden System

(1) HM Digital PH-80

(2) 6″ Clip Fans

(1) General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

(1) Hydroponic Basics Book

(1) 250ML Measuring Cup


(1) GrowLab 60 Grow Tent (2ft x 2ft x 5ft 3in)

The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room has all the features you could ask for – and more! Outfit the GrowLab with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system and you will have the brightest, slickest, most affordable grow room available. Introducing the next generation in portable grow rooms – The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room.

(1) Hydrofarm System Compact Fluorescent

(1) 125 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb – Warm

The Sunleaves VitaLUME CFL Warm provides full-spectrum light for blooming plants. This 125W VitaLUME has a color temperature of 2,700 K and is internally ballasted.

(1) 1/8″ Light Hangers (pair)

Secure items quickly and easily with Light Hangers (rope ratchets). They pull tight, lock in place, will never break or slip, are heat and cold resistant and will not rust. Made from 8’ braided polypropylene rope.

(1) Active Air 4″ Inline Fan, 165cfm

Active Air In-Line Duct Fans offer innovation and performance at a great price. Active Air Fans feature quiet operation, high quality molded impeller, thermally-protected AC motor, metal housing, durable ceramic coating, mounting brackets and an 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord.

(2) 6″ Clip Fans

Hurricane clip fans are easily mounted wherever needed! Strong clamp hold the fan in place during use while two speed operation and an adjustable tilt mechanism although you to get air flow where you need it, when you need it. Featuring a 120 volt, five foot power cord.

(1) Australian Virgin Carbon Filter 4in x 20in 125CFM

Carbon filters are an extremely effective way to remove unwanted odors from your cultivation area. We use the highest quality virgin carbon on the market today. Our filters are packaged immediately after manufacturing to protect the integrity of each product. Made with lightweight aluminum, these filters are easy to handle. Each product includes a pre-filter that collects material that could clog the carbon.

(1) Titan Controls Mercury 2- Fan Speed Controller

Adjust fan speed from 10%-100%. Plastic enclosure protects internal components from dust and moisture leading to longer lifespan. “Fire-Up” feature provides full power upon start-up and then drops to the desired dial setting. 6 Amps/120Volts/60Hz.

(1) Hydrofarm TM01715D 7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Program Timer

Using a Hydrofarm Dual Outlet Digital Grounded Timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. Timers are also essential for many hydroponic system applications. Featuring a 1 minute on/off & up to 8 on/off cycles per day and it controls 2 outlets simultaneously.

(1) 4″ x 25ft Ducting

High-performance ducting is one of the most reliable options for exhausting warm, humid air from the indoor garden. Featuring several layers of reinforced metal laminate casing, a smooth double-sealed interior and galvanized steel coils, this six-inch ducting is air-tight, puncture-resistant, and easy to install. Heavy-duty ducting also assists in keeping noise to a minimum. Our expandable air duct is made of aluminum, designed for years of use. It will handle temperatures up to 140 degrees and will not kink. It comes in 25′ sections which can be cut to length.

(1) 4″ Hose Clamps, Stainless Steel (pair)

These stainless steel hose clamps are perfect for attaching flexible ducting to air cooled hoods, exhaust fans, filters and silencers. They are simple to use and make for a clean duct connection. Conveniently packaged 2 per bag.

(1) Flo-n-Gro “Gro Momma” Bubbler Bucket  *or Optional Upgraded Hydrogarden System

Includes everything you need to get started growing. Expandable format allows various grow room designs. Flo-n-Gro “Gro Momma” Bubbler Bucket s offer quick set-up and  easy use and maintenance. Made in the USA.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • 8″ mesh bucket topper
  • Hydropebbles growing media
  • EcoPlus air pump
  • 3-16″ tubing
  • 4″ air stone
  • Expansion T fitting with EZ Pull end caps

(1) HM Digital pH-80

The reliable and long lasting HM Digital pH 80 has a low battery indicator and clear cap feature to notice moisture (or lack of) on the probe. A glass encased reference electrode helps to retain moisture. Featuring a resolution of pH 0.1, pH 0.00-14.0 pH, accuracy to +/-0.1, automatic calibration as well as a calibration pack and batteries.

(1) General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Contains Ph Up, Ph down and a pH Test Indicator to ensure you will always be able to maintain a balanced pH.

(1) Grow More Grow, Quart


The Grow More 2-1-6 Grow formula is one component of an advanced 3 part system that provides simplicity for the hydroponic grower.

(1) Grow More Micro, Quart

Grow More Micro 5-0-1 is part of a 3 Part Liquid Nutrient used in different combination for growing and bloom cycles.

(1) Grow More Bloom, Quart

Grow More 0-5-4 Bloom is part of a 3 Park Liquid Nutrient used in different combination for growing and bloom cycles to produce maximum bloom size.

(1) Hydroponic Basics Book


Hydroponic Basics is 80 full-color pages covering the nuts and bolts of gardening indoors hydroponically. This book, written by George Van Patten, discusses the generals of plant science, growth media, hydroponic systems, pest and disease diagnosis and prevention, environmental control and more!

(1) 250ML Measuring Cup

Pour on the success with Hydrofarm’s measuring cups! Pour with confidence using the cup’s US and Metric markings and concentrate the flow of liquid or even soil and other nutrients through the cup’s set-in spout. Don’t worry about dropping these hardy tools — they’re made of non-breakable materials and feature a reinforced handle to ensure that they will last.

(-) Optional Upgraded Hydrogarden System
(1) GH Power Grower
The PowerGrower Eco
The PowerGrower Eco replaces the older model PowerGrower. The unique hexagonal design enables you to pack many PowerGrower Ecos together with close spacing for larger installations. The PowerGrower Eco will grow small, medium, and large plants up to tomato, cucumber and pepper size.

Specification: Silver Box Hydrogarden with Compact Lighting

Weight 200 lbs

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