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SaintyCo Mini DP-10S

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MINI DP-10S Automatic Universal Depositor
Small in size, big on quality, efficiency and uniformity 

The SaintyCo MINI DP-10S Universal Depositor for Gummies, Caramel, and Hard Candy offers versatility and convenience for small commercial operations and new confectionery investors. 

This Automatic Depositor offers precision and uniformity in filling multiple cavity candy molds, thanks to its 10 depositing pistons and adjustable nozzles that can adapt to various mold layouts. Its 8-liter hopper with heated panels maintains the ideal temperature, while the Touchscreen Unit Control enables easy customization of temperature and volume during production. This Depositor supports both silicone molds and SaintyCo Made G80/G150 metal molds, and can deposit 6000 gummies, hard candy, or tempered chocolate hourly. Its efficient metering system and mold conveyor ensure consistent productivity with minimal downtime and labor.

The SaintyCo made, automatic confectionery depositor works with a wide range of ingredients – from low heat confectionery like chocolate and ganache to high heat candy ingredients like caramel, gummies, and hard candy. 

Revolutionize your candy production with the SaintyCo tabletop universal candy depositor. Experience high efficiency and precise uniformity with continuous processing technology, eliminating the need for manual filling and saving your valuable space and manpower. 


➢ 7L hopper for efficient operation of chocolate, caramel, or gummy products. 

➢ Heated panels to maintain product temperature and flow for precise consistency. 

➢ 10 adjustable centerline nozzles for different mold configurations. 

➢ Removable nozzles to fit molds with fewer cavities. 

➢ 40mm L nozzles for versatile candy production. 

➢ Servo drive depositing for precise and consistent filling. 

➢ Adjustable shot size control for greater flexibility. 

➢ Conveyor for continuous production with molds up to 11.8″ wide and 12.6″ long. 

➢ PLC technology for efficient operation and easy control. 

➢ 7” Touchscreen Unit Control for variable temperature adjustment. 

➢ No compression air required for reduced energy consumption. 

➢ Space-saving compact design. 

➢ Tool-free disassembly for easy cleaning. 

➢ CE certified for high product safety and quality assurance. 


Technical Data  MINI DP-10S Automatic Depositor 
Dosage  0.8 to 8 ml/0.05 to 0.27 fl oz per pull 
Accuracy  0.1 gram/0.003 fl oz 
Capability  1.85 gal/7 L 
Mold dimensions  320x300mm/12.6”x11.8” 
Depositing Capability  6,000 gummies per hour 
Power Input  220V AC/50 to 60Hz 2.5kw 14.5Amps 
Dimensions (L*W*H)  24″ x 20″ x 22″ (61cm x 52cm x 55cm) 
Weight  282 lbs. (128 kg) 
Maximum Heat  302°F/150°C 
Construction Material  Stainless Steel 
Warranty  12 months from purchase date 

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