Plant Tissue Culture Microclone Kit

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With tissue culture you can grow your favorite plants in small containers in very small areas.


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Plant Tissue Culture Microclone Kit


With tissue culture you can grow your favorite plants in small glass and plastic containers in very small areas, saving space and light. Imagine cutting parts from your favorite plants and seeing them generate fresh shoots and roots before your eyes. The new plants explode with bushy growth energized by the nutrients and hormones. In commercial applications, roses are flowered in tissue culture and orchid growers use tissue culture to speed up new growth of their valuable new breeds. Now you can employ these same techniques at home. Universities and research companies maintain expensive laboratories for multiplying their valuable plants and exposing their hidden genetics, but the same practice can now be easily done at home.

Instead of taking cuttings from a mother plant that requires lots of maintenance, space, and equipment, you can multiply plants in small self-contained glass jars. This eliminates the traditional the care and tending of mother plants and allows for an even greater bank of plant genetics in a smaller space; no need for watering/nutrients, eliminates bug and pest infestations, no HID lighting or ventilation required.

Tissue culture plants grow into 3 inch bonsai mother plants in small bottles on a medium of nutrients, growth regulators and sugar. Many plants are produced from a small tray of bottles under simple fluorescent lighting. An ordinary prop tray holds fifty exclusive Microclone bottles and produces three or more times their numbers every thirty days.

Why Micropropagation?
– Replaces Mother Plants
– No Bugs, Pest, or Care required
– Greater multiplication
– Super starts
– Vigorous, bushy plantlets
– Less space and light (eliminate your mother room)
– Unlock hidden genetics
– Jars make transportation easy and shippable
– Easy and fun

Kit includes:

    • -50 6oz flip-top vials
    • -30 clear plastic jar lids
    • -16 starter poly test tubes with screw lids in tray
    • -1 establish/multiplication media kit with BA hormone
    • -1 rooting/growth media kits with NAA hormone
    • -2 establish/multiplication TDZ media kits with TDZ hormone for branching and woody plants
    • -1 stainless steel scalpel #3 and 2 #11 blades
    • -8-inch stainless steel forceps  
    • -PVC sealing tape
    • -pH control kit with test papers and correction solutions
    • -50-page instructional manual with color photos and illustrations
    • -Washing screen and ring for standard mouth jars

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