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Pesticide Removal Kit

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A Complete Pesticide Removal Kit.

Lab Society

Pesticide Removal KitGet rid of unwanted particles.

Our new pesticide removal kit gives you everything you need to get rid of unwanted molecules. A lot of thought and care has gone into each component of this kit, and the result is a turn-key solution for getting rid of everything you dont want in your final product.

Built from years of real-world lab testing.

We’ve put years of research into creating our separatory funnel and chromatography column, and now we’ve combined them with only tried-and-true products that are leading the charge in the industry.

Now, we believe we’ve created a complete solution for large-scale pesticide removal at a very affordable price.

Kit Includes:

  • Chromatography Column
  • Separatory Funnel
  • Cap Stopper
  • C-Bleach (500 g.)
  • Citric Acid (1 lb.)
  • Pure Baking Soda (1 lb.)
  • MagSil-PR (500 g.)
  • Silica Gel
  • Industry-leading SOP provided by Future 4200

With this kit, you can select your own stationary phase and mobile phase, to separate out exactly the compounds you’re looking for.

Related parts, including clampstubing, and stands are also all included with this kit!

American-made glassware.

All of the glass pieces are custom-made borosilicate glass, designed and manufactured in the USA.

Information about the pieces of this kit:

Chromatography Column

  • fritted disc, fine-meshed glass particle screen for a high flow rate while retaining solids
  • GL-18 fitting, for quick removal and fast sealing
  • PTFE stopcock for controlling flow rate
  • Rodaviss 45/50 top outer joint, for easy removal of glass-on-glass connections
  • 3 inch diameter 24 inch effective length
  • American-made borosilicate glass.

Separatory Funnel

  • GL-18 bottom connection, for quick removal and fast sealing
  • Rodaviss stopper, for easy removal of glass-on-glass joints
  • PTFE stopcock for controlling flow rate
  • 6,000 ml. capacity
  • American-made borosilicate glass

Cap Stopper

  • 2-Port inlet adapter, 45/50 Rodaviss inner joint
  • 2 GL-18 inlet ports with 2 bent barbed fittings for GL-18 connections.  One has a downstem, and the other is a side port with no downstem.
  • Rodaviss 45/50 stopper, for easy removal of glass on glass joints
  • Can be used for vacuum applications
  • American-made borosilicate glass

C-Bleach (500 g.)

  • adsorbs oils/greases
  • carrier for pesticides and fertilizers
  • great for clarifying, decolorizing, and numerous other pharmaceutical applications

Citric Acid (1 lb.)

  • lowers pH
  • used as a preservative in food and beverages
  • chelating agent

Pure Baking Soda (1 lb.)

  • raises pH
  • commonly used to buffer pH

MagSil-PR (500 g.)

  • removes pesticides
  • improves color
  • improves clarity
  • binds to polar water-soluble compounds

Silica Gel

  • made of Silicon Dioxide
  • desiccant
  • stationary phase in Chromatography


* You will need a filtration vacuum pump of some kind if you’re looking for a constant feed from the 2-port inlet adapter into your setup

Specification: Pesticide Removal Kit

Weight 65 lbs

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