Perforated Tray

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Perforated Tray

– Branson

A perforated tray will improve the effectiveness of your ultrasonic bath by helping you suspend glassware or items in the bath solution. This allows the ultrasonic waves to hit the glassware and effectively clean your items.

Its stainless steel construction makes it the ideal choice for most laboratory applications.

How do I use a perforated tray?

Perforated trays rest in the middle of your bath solution.

The ultrasonic waves in the solution can pass through the perforations in the tray, reaching the items contained within in equal bursts. This results in greater coverage and a more efficient process.

Comes with built-in handles.

The built-in handles make it easy to both submerge and remove the perforated tray.

You might frequently be using this product to handle and clean delicate glassware, and the dual handles help you safely load the tray, put it in the bath, and remove your cleaned glassware from the bath or solution.

Designed for efficiency, without sacrificing quality.

The size of this perforated tray was designed to give you maximum space for cleaning, while not sacrificing your cleaning ability.

Great for dissolving products into a solution.

These trays can also be used in your laboratory help you dissolve product into a solution.

Simply put the product that needs to be dissolved into a flask (with some solvent) and dip the flask into the ultrasonic bath. The waves beating against the glassware will help the product dissolve into the solution in the flask.


* If the tray touches the bottom of the bath, it will hinder the ultrasonic waves or possibly even damage the unit.

*This tray works in conjunction with the branson ultrasonic cleaner model 5800H

Specification: Perforated Tray

Weight 20 lbs

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