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Media Bros CRAC™ Color Remediation Activated Carbon

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Color Remediation Activated Carbon (CRAC™) for Ethanol Extraction

Color Remediation Activated Carbon (CRAC™) is a top-shelf, non-toxic, food-grade, carbon powder that provides the high-performance selectivity necessary in ethanol cannabis extraction applications.

CRAC™ is sifted; this reduces both the potential of carbon contamination in the extract and dust contamination in the air, all while its pH-neutral double activation helps maximize surface potential.

In ethanol solutions, CRAC™ helps produce the world’s best cannabis extracts. No pesticides, no residual media, just all the micro, meso, and macroporous media you can handle, bro.

  • Packaged in: 1.5 kg pouch, 4 kg, 10 kg bucket, and 100 kg drum.

For best results, use with Media Bros CRAG as an alumina media filter bed.

NOTICE: In order to guarantee our chemicals are factory-fresh and untainted, we cannot accept consumables as returns for any reason.

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