Impak VakRapid2.5 Stainless Steel Vertical Band Sealer – Vacuum/Gas Flush – Left to Right – RSV1525SSVGFLR

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We Modify Band Sealers to Fit Your Specific Need

Gas flush and vacuum system designed and assembled in California.


This unit requires a regulated (suggested 15 – 20psi) inert gas supply.

As a natural addition to our highly successful VakRapid series of continuous band sealers, the IMPAK VakRapid 2.5 continuous band vacuum and gas flush sealers set the standard for high speed bagging of food, medical, pharmaceutical and electronics applications that require optimum freshness and shelf life. The VakRapid Series provides high quality, hermetic seals on all moisture-barrier bag materials. The vacuum and nitrogen gas flush system removes up to 99% of oxygen, depending on the application, and creates a low moisture package. It is an ideal solution for food, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other products that need added protection against decomposition. The gas flush system also can be used to create a cushion like buffer to protect contents from damage. The VakRapid is economical when compared to other sealers that offer nitrogen gas flushing for air removal. The VakRapid model includes a vacuum cycle after gas flushing to allow virtually oxygen free vacuum-sealed product bags. Additional options include a stainless steel stand with casters for portability, embossing or dry print letter kit and a spare parts kit.

This conveyor style heat sealer is ideal for use with products which benefit from minimal oxygen levels but are delicate and might be damaged by a vacuum.

The nitrogen flush forces oxygen out of the bag for prolonged shelf-life and also creates a cushion for the product.

To operate, the nozzle is inserted into the bag and a bag sensor activates the gas flush. The bag fills as it is passed toward the heating elements. When the edge of the bag meets the nozzle the nozzle pivots out of the way and the bag continues through the heating and cooling blocks where it exits at the other side of the machine.

The machine may be used in conjunction with several gas types but most typically is used with nitrogen. Where space is a concern, IMPAK offers a Nitrogen Generator that converts oxygen to nitrogen and eliminates the need for a bulky tank.

The base unit for this machine is our tried and tested RHS1525 which has a reputation as a workhorse and is known for its easy operation. Consumable parts such as Teflon are readily available from IMPAK and easy to install. The RapidSealer line is an ideal solution for increased production speed with a reliable, simple machine. The addition of a gas flush expands its benefits and adds extra protection against the corrosive effects of oxygen.


Dear Customer: Due to the unique nature and layout of our gas flush and vacuum band sealers combined with the multitude of pouches available we kindly ask that you send in the pouch(es) and physical product(s) you intend to use in the unit prior to or upon purchase. Our skilled technicians will run the pouch through an identical unit and provide any feedback, suggestions or possible issues that may be encountered, such as zipper placement or fill volume. IMPAK is committed to helping our customers make sound purchasing choices, and in most cases we offer this testing free of charge. Please take advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about your packaging process.

Sealing Speed 0 – 12m/min.; 0 – 320″/min.
Sealing Width 6 – 12mm; min: 1/8″ – max: 5/8″
Temperature Range 0 – 300 Co; 32 – 572 Fo
Voltage / Hz. 110V / 60Hz
Power 500W / 4.55 Amps
Max. Load / Pkg. on Conveyor 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
Machine size 32″ x 15.75″ x 11″
800 x 400 x 320 (mm)

Spare Parts Kit for RSH1525 Sealer


° 2 urethane Drive Belts
° 10 *PTFE Flouropolymer Bands
° 1 Printed Circuit Board

Full Embossing Kit for RS1525 Series:



(1) Convex Embossing Wheel

(3) each M, F, D, E, X, P

(6) each 0-8,

(5) each 9;

(3) Blank,

(6) Period

PTFE Fluoropolymer is the generic name for the term Teflon®

PTFE Fluoropolymer, or Polytetrafluoroethylene, known for its strength and durability, was discovered in 1938 by Roy Plunkett, a chemist at Kinetic Chemicals. This substance has been widely used in the manufacture of bullet proof vests, munitions, wire and equipment coating at NASA, non-stick cookery, and many other applications.

Benefits of PTFE Fluoropolymer:

  • BROAD TEMPERATURE RANGE (- 200 °C / up to + 260 °C)

Teflon® is the registered trademark of the E. I. DuPont Corporation for its PTFE Fluoropolymer product line. The use of this term is restricted solely to companies selling E. I. DuPont Corporation’s products. IMPAK Corporation makes no claim and cannot guarantee this material is made with E. I. DuPont Corporation products.


77XCRGDKNB: Corrugated Knob for RS1525 Sealers
77XSMLPLBRG: Small Pulley Bearing for RS1525 Sealers
77XTFNBD1525: 15.25″ Teflon Band for RSH1525 Sealers
77XBRSHKT: Set of 2 Motor Brushes for RS1525 Sealers
77XFDNGDE: Feeding Guide for RS1525 Sealers
77XKNBKT: Knob Kit for RS1525 Sealers
77XMBSNRLST: Embossing Roller Wheel Seat for RSH1525 Sealers
77XDRVNWHST: Driven Wheel Seats for RS1525 Sealers
77XPWRLN: Power Line for RS1525 Sealers
77XWSWTH: Rocker Switch for RS1525 Sealers
77XTLKT: Stainless Steel Tool Kit for RS1525 Sealers
77XHRZDRVSH: Horizontal Driveshaft for RS1525 Sealers
77XURTBLT: 8.5″ Urethane Belt for RSH1525 Sealers
77XHTNLMNT: Heating Element for RS1525 Sealers
77XLWPNHRLR: Lower Pinch Roller for RS1525 Sealers
77XSLCNWHL: Silicone Wheel for RS1525 Sealers
77XUPPNHRLR: Upper Pinch Roller for RS1525 Sealers
77XDRVNWHL: Drive Wheel for RS1525 Sealers
77XSFTCVR: Safety Cover for RSH1525 Sealers
77XLWCLNBLK: Lower Cooling Block for RS1525 Sealers
77XUPCLNBLK: Upper Cooling Block for RS1525 Sealers
77XLWHTNBLK: Lower Heating Block for RS1525 Sealers
77XUPHTNBLK: Upper Heating Block for RS1525 Sealers
77XSLCNWHLSFT: Silicone Wheel Shaft for RS1525 Sealers
77XNMBRKT: Number Kit for RS1525 Sealers
77XTMPRLFTSTL: Temperature Relay Flat Style for RSH1525 Sealers
77XMBSNWHL: Embossing Wheel for RS1525 Sealers
77XKRLCMPWH: Knurled Compression Wheel for RS1525 Sealers
77XCRTPLTSPD: Circuit Plate Speed for RS1525 Sealers
77XLTTRKT: Embossing Letter Kit for RS1525 Sealers
77XCLNBLK2P: Pack of 2 Cooling Blocks for RSH1525 Sealers
77XHTNBLK2P: Pack of 2 Heating blocks for RSH1525 Sealers
77XHTNLMNT2P: Set of 2 Heating Elements for the RSH1525 Sealers
77XVRTDRVSH: Vertical Driveshaft for RS1525 Sealers
77XAXLFN2010: Axial Fan 2010 for RS1525 Band Sealers
14PCXSPPT: Spare Parts Kit for RMH14HC
77XCNVRBLT: Conveyor Belt – Green/Blue for RS1525 Sealers
77XVRTCLKT: Vertical Conversion Kit for RSH1525 Sealers
77XLFRTGRBX: Left to Right Gearbox (Lower Assembly) for RS1525 Sealers
77XRTLFGRBX: Right to Left Gearbox (Lower Assembly) for RS1525 Sealers
77XSLTRTGRBX: Left to Right Gearbox (Side Assembly) for RS1525 Sealers
77XSRTLFGRBX: Right to Left Gearbox (Side Assembly) for RS1525 Sealers
77XSTNCSTR: Stand With Casters for RS1525 Sealers
77XMTR: Heavy Duty Motor for RS1525 Sealers

Specification: Impak VakRapid2.5 Stainless Steel Vertical Band Sealer – Vacuum/Gas Flush – Left to Right – RSV1525SSVGFLR

Spare Parts Kit


Full Embossing Kit


Stainless-Steel Stand


Vertical Conversion Kit


Nitrogen Generator Kit


Sterile Air (SA) Kit


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