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Impak 30″ Pneumatic Tube Sealer (PRE-ORDER) – MSTSS760

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The MSTSS760 (TP-30) is an American made pneumatically operated tube sealer capable of handling up to 3,000 tubes per hour.  The unique feed-through design makes it possible to remove tubes from either end, great when production lines are moved or changed based on the product being filled and sealed. Want to make sure that you are getting the right sealer for your money?


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EXPEDITED LEAD TIME: 10-12 business days; Contact for current lead times on this machine.

This unit requires a separate compressed air source capable of providing 80 PSI of clean dry air

Heavy duty powder coated frame

30″ maximum seal length

Solid state heat and cool timers

Analog pressure regulator and pressure gauge

Single push botton start

Adjustable guide with height gauges

Illuminated On/Off switch

Fuse protected

Exhaust port

7′ cord

Single 0.25″ nichrome heating element

110V/60Hz (also available in 220V/50Hz)

41.0″ x 22.0″ x 29.0″
Net Weight: 78LBS

Warranty:  One year parts and labor not including consumables

Made in USA

Ready to Ship Tube Racks

We have a limited supply of tube holders for your IMPAK Multi-Station Tube Sealer (model MSTSS760). Do one of these pre-drilled racks fit your tube size? Contact IMPAK for pricing and availability.

Tube Rack Schematics

tube rack drawing

Diameter (in/mm) Spacing (in/mm) # of Openings per Tube Rack Center to Center (in/mm)
1.5″ / 38mm 1.125″ / 29mm 11 2.625″ / 67mm
2.0″ / 51mm 0.75″ / 19mm 11 2.75″ / 70mm
0.75″ / 19mm 1.0″ / 25mm 17 1.75″ / 44mm
0.875″ / 22mm 0.875″ / 22mm 16 1.75″ / 44mm
0.5″ / 13mm 1.0″ / 25mm 19 1.5″ / 38mm
1.0″ / 25mm 0.75″ / 19mm 17 2.5″ / 63mm
0.875″ / 22mm 0.875″ / 22mm 18 1.75″ / 44mm
1.375″ / 35mm 1.0″ / 25mm 13 2.375″ / 60mm
2.0″ / 51mm 1.3125 / 33mm 9 3.3125″ / 84mm
4.0″ / 102mm 1.0″ / 25mm 6 5.0″ / 127mm
0.875″ / 22mm 1.0″ / 25mm 15 1.875″ / 48mm
0.5625″ / 14mm 1.0″ / 25mm 19 1.5625″ / 40mm
1.8125″ / 46mm 1.125″ / 29mm 10 2.94″ / 75mm
1.875″ / 48mm 1.125″ / 29mm 10 3.0″ / 76mm

***All tube racks are 31″ (787mm) in length***

To ensure proper fit we recommend that you send us at least two tubes prior to purchase. We will insert your tubes for fit in the rack and send you a photo with your tubes contained in the openings.

Pneumatic Tube Sealer MSTSS760 (TP-30) Demo Presentation:

Need to fill your liquid/paste product quick and precise?

Use our Pneumatic Piston Filler PPF120 (for 10ML – 120ML) or PPF1000 (for 100ML – 1000ML)

Case Study: A Tube Sealer Gets Modified for Viking Cold Solutions

Custom Upgrades to a TP-30 for Viking Cold Solutions:

Example of how IMPAK can build production tube sealers based on customer-specific applications. In this case an upgraded TP-30 tall enough to accommodate Viking Cold Solutions’ product, complete with a custom tube rack for increased production speed.

The sealing system designed for Viking Cold Solutions is an excellent example of how IMPAK’s engineering group took the basic frame of the TP-30, a unit with a 30” wide seal bar designed for sealing multiple tubes, primarily for the cosmetic industry. They then increased the height of the basic unit and machined the product rack to be a positioning block for the product that is key to Viking Cold Solution. This allows the company that was previously filling and closing them one at a time, to now put them in a rack that holds six, dramatically increasing their production.


Specification: Impak 30″ Pneumatic Tube Sealer (PRE-ORDER) – MSTSS760

GL-220 - 220 Volts

Yes, No

MSTSS-BAS - Dual Elements

Yes, No

Dual Element Kill Switch

Yes, No

1.5" Height Tube Rack

Yes, No

2.5" Height Tube Rack

Yes, No

RTO - Expedited Production

Yes, No

Single Element Spare Parts Kit

Yes, No

Dual Element Spare Parts Kit

Yes, No

Clean Room Ready

Yes, No

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