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Chromatographic Silica Gel 60A 40-63μm, 230-400 Mesh (Made in Germany)

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Chromatographic Silica Gel 60A 40-63μm, 230-400 mesh (Made in Germany)

Silica 60A 40/63μm Technical Data Sheet

Silica 60A 40/63μm Safety Data Sheet

DAVISIL® 60Å 40/63μm Chromatographic Silica is suitable for use as a packing for liquid chromatography normal phase separations with low operating pressures, a substrate for supporting surface functionalization, and as an adsorbent in continuous processes.

Silica Gel is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive, and is stable with ordinary usage. Storage in a dry warehouse is recommended. Open packages should be resealed to prevent contamination of the product. The material in standard packaging should be used within 24 months from the date of production.

Made in Germany

 DIN EN ISO 9001
 DIN EN ISO 14001
 DIN EN ISO 50001

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