CenturionPro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System

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The CenturionPro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System is one of the highest capacity commercial-scale automated trimmers in the world – and it comes Health Canada/FDA ready! This machine is composed of medical grade anodized aluminum and stainless-steel components to meet all regulatory standards.


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CenturionPro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System

Quantanium Tumbler Upgrade available – contact us for more information .

The CenturionPro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System is one of the highest capacity commercial-scale automated trimmers in the world – and it comes Health Canada/FDA ready! This machine is composed of medical grade anodized aluminum and stainless-steel components to meet all regulatory standards. This machine can replace up to 140 human trimmers – without sacrificing quality and will harvest a whopping 175 lbs of wet product or 35 lbs of dry product per hour of use!

Feed wet up to 175 lbs per hour
Feed dry up to 35 lbs per hour
Replaces up to 140 Workers

All machines come standard with a set of dual-purpose hybrid tumblers for trimming both wet and dry. Both Quantanium and Electropolished tumblers now come in the Hybrid Dual Purpose (wet and dry) style.

The Quantanium tumbler is an upgrade to the Electropolished tumbler. This new product from CenturionPro uses a special non-stick coating that saves time and money when it comes to cleaning the machine as well as preserving the natural properties of the flower. Quantanium tumblers assist in better trichome preservation resulting in a higher quality end-product with more natural aroma and flavors.

Both Quantanium & Electropolished tumblers are available as the new Dual-Purpose Hybrid tumbler which can be used for wet or dry trimming. The CenturionPro TableTop Trimming machine comes with 1 Hybrid Dual-Purpose tumblers. We recommend the Quantanium tumbler for all CenturionPro trimming machines. The time and money saved from the Quantanium tumbler will be noticed on the first trim.

Note: For dry trimming, ideal moisture content for your flower is 11% but the 8% – 13% range can also be considered.

CenturionPro 3.0 Features:

Food Grade Direct Feed Hopper

The 3.0 medical-grade trimming system comes standard with a high-quality food-grade hopper. This component is made of food-grade plastic and is designed to handle large amounts of material. Simply place the plant material in the top tray and work it down into the triple-barrel system for trimming, as needed.

Unprecedented Durability

Similar to their other trimmers, the body on the new CenturionPro 3.0 trimming machine is made entirely of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, as are the components. As a result, this trimmer can easily withstand moves, cleaning and extended use without issue.

New Hardened Steel, 5 Blade Cutting Reel

The 3.0 trimming machine features three Toro-hardened steel cutting reels, each featuring 5 high-quality blades. In addition, the magnetic blade technology guarantees a consistently sharp blade and the cleanest cut.

Rugged, Stainless Steel Tumblers

The three tumblers on the 3.0 trimming machine are made of rugged, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel instead of aluminum. Furthermore, each of these high-capacity tumblers are 35” in length and 6.5” in diameter giving the CenturionPro 3.0 trimmer a total 78” of cutting surface!

Highest Cutting Power

With the highest cutting power in its class, the 3.0 Medical Grade does 140,000 cuts per minute. This trimmer comes standard with a 6 HP leaf collector that produces 5,000 CFM of suction power for the tightest, cleanest cut in the industry.

High Processing Capacity

With a high processing capacity of 40 lbs/hr dry and 200 lbs/hr wet, the 3.0 Medical Grade bud trimmer can do the work of 160 hand trimmers – all without sacrificing quality.

Finely Tuned Diverter

The 3.0 Trimmer utilizes CenturionPro’s unique diverter, allowing the user to fine tune the air flow and cut to ensure preservation of unique strains and densities.

Triple-Bag System

The Triple-Bag System cleanly separates trim during the trimming process. The inner bag collects green leafy trim while pollen is collected in the middle micron white bag, with any stray product being caught in the outer cloth bag. This ensures a clean work space and the option for further processing and profit.

Durable Design

All components of the CenturionPro 3.0 trimming machine are comprised of anodized aluminum and stainless steel so that it is a truly durable machine.

Easy to Set Up/Tear Down

The 3.0 trimmer might be a monster system, but the set-upand tear down of the machine requires as little as 40 minutes, leaving you time to focus on other things.

Easy to Clean

The 3.0 trimmer is a monumental trimming machine, but that doesn’t mean cleaning has to be too! In fact, the entire machine (excluding the tumblers) can be cleaned with a pressure washer in 40 minutes.

Easy to Maintain

Centurion builds their machines to be extremely simple with less moving components. This makes the 3.0 Medical Grade trimmer easy to maintain and even fix if anything ever goes wrong.

Optional QuanTanium Tumbler:

QuanTanium is the first and only of its kind: a multi-coat nonstick with a unique mix of titanium particles blended into each coat. QuanTanium’s multi-layer internal reinforcement of titanium creates resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear that exceeds most internally reinforced and all conventional nonstick coatings on the market. QuanTanium is so resistant to damage because the titanium used is many times harder than the chrome and steel used in cooking utensils. QuanTanium’s nonstick system has been designed to create maximum synergy with the titanium, resulting in maximum resistance to wear with unparalleled release. With QuanTanium, consumers can now enjoy the benefits of the finest nonstick knowing that it will stand up to almost anything.

Note: Do not use a pressure washer to clean the Quantanium drum as it may remove the Quantanium coating and will void the warranty on the drum. Simply use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not use oil on the Quantanium drum, spary with ice cold water to keep the tumbler running smoothly.

Contact us to learn more about ordering your trimmer with the Quantanium tumbler.
CenturionPro Quantanium Tumbler
CenturionPro Quantanium Tumbler

Trimmer Specifications

Input Voltage 13 Amp-110V NA | 6.5 Amp-220V EU, AUS
Dimensions 36 in L x 36 in W x 28 in H
Weight 575 lbs
Reels 3
Blades Per Reel 5
Tumbler Diameter 3 x 6.5 in
Tumbler Length 35 in
Number of Tumblers 3
Processing Capacity 175 lbs/hr wet | 35 lbs/hr dry
Cuts Per Minute 140,000
Warranty 10 year

Leaf Collector Specifications

Input Voltage NA 12 Amp – 220V
EU AUS 34 Amp – 220V
Dimensions 30 in L x 25 in W x 27 in H
Weight 175 lbs
Horsepower 6 HP
Airflow Capacity 5000 CFM
Warranty 3 year

* Used trimming and/or extraction machines and products cannot be returned for any reason. Any warranty issue arising on a used trimming and/or extraction product must be submitted directly to the manufacturer. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information regarding returning unopened products. We do not guarantee the performance of trimmers, pressing devices, pruners, tumblers or extraction bags. Lack of performance WILL NOT qualify the product for a return. We do not identify the use of these machines as these are experimental products. We do not endorse any manufacturer statements or claims pertaining to trimmers, pressing devices, pruners, tumblers or extraction bags.

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