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Beaker & Wrench Wiped Film Evaporator Turn-key System

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About Turn-key System

Get greater consistency, purity, and confidence in every Flower oil distillation when you use our system to monitor and optimize flow rate, temperature, pressure, and wiper speed (RPM) in real time.

Fully continuous flow leaves behind less advanced methods with a dependable output of 3-5 liters per hour; maximizing efficiency and minimizing complications. Be assured of the quality of your system.

Each system is 6 inch and constructed with fully compliant USA NRTL-certified components, including a display unit and two sensors to track the contents of both streams of fluid as it continuously travels through the glassware.

Your system arrives ready to use immediately with all components primed for use. Just roll it off the lift gate and let it get to work. Meet demand and feel confident in the quality of your output with this turn-key system.


Installation is NOT OPTIONAL* – Call for Pricing


6” Stainless Steel Wiped-Film Evaporator

    • Delivers greater consistency, purity, and confidence in every Flower oil distillation.
    • Continuous flow leaves behind less advanced and efficient methods with a dependable input up to 7 liters per hour.

Throughput capability

  • Up to 7.0 L/hr
  • Average 3.0-5.0 L/hr

True Continuous Feed

  • Peristaltic Inlet pump allows addition of oil while machine is still under vacuum
  • Outlet pumps allow dispensing of products directly into vessel of choice
  • Feed rates adjustable from 10mL to 10L/hr


Jacketed body

Thermal fluid circulating through jacketed body for consistent temperature


Precise temperature control

PID temperature controllers on body and all heated lines for creation of precise SOPs


Expert On-Site Training and Installation

  • Validation with YOUR oil on the day of install
  • Consultation on how to generate the best SOP for your lab
  • Sample SOP provided for internal use


Potency up to 99.8% total Flower content


  • 20L stainless steel feed flask with vacuum inlet line
  • Peristaltic dosing pump for precise, vacuum-held dosing
  • Feed line to evaporator is jacketed and PID controlled


Short-Path Evaporator

  • Max evaporator temperature: 200 °C
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel Internal condenser (cold finger)
  • 6 rollers
  • Easy to adjust drive system speed


Distillate & Residue Discharge Pumps (2 pumps)

  • Gear pump in PID controlled heated design (design temperature 100°C), digitally displayed pump speed. Calibration and secret menu options for optimal SOP development
  • Check valves used as a pressure lock against the atmosphere

Vacuum System

  • 21 to 36 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum pump equipped with vacuum pump oil
  • Diffusion vacuum pump for achieving stable vacuum conditions at low pressures (oil included)
  • Flanged cold trap & collection vessel for cold trap

Heating & Cooling by Beaker & Wrench/ Polyscience

  • 1 independent heating unit for the evaporator (oil circulator)
  • 1 independent heating unit (silicone pad) for the residue & distillate line
  • 1 independent heating unit for the feed tank (silicone pad)
  • 1 independent cooling unit for the cold trap (immersion probe)
  • 1 independent chilling unit for the internal condenser (water circulator)


  • Frame constructed of 80/20 aluminium extrusion and equipped with 4 wheels Power supply & power distribution system 1. Voltage: 120V or 220V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz 3. Number of Phases: 1 (two hot wires) • Power distribution panel
  • Control panel for pumps. Included spare parts.
  • 1 set of rollers
  • 1 set of static gaskets
  • 1 set of shaft sealing for rotary transmission
  • 1 set of bearings for rotary transmission
  • 1 set of O-rings


Operating instructions

Component Certifications See Below

  • Heaters & Chillers CE/ISO9001
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Gear Pumps
  • Wiper Drive
  • Power Box
  • Frequency Box
  • Pressure Gauge

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Specification: Beaker & Wrench Wiped Film Evaporator Turn-key System


6in Dual Stage Wiped Film Evaporator – Gen 3, 6in Wiped Film Evaporator w Diffusion Pump – Gen 3

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