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Apeks Pre-Owned Transformer 2000-20LD-460V, 3 Phase

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*Pics & Specs for Reference Only – Please Call for Details

The Transformer® models are equipped with the Apeks Diaphragm Compressor Technology which allows for cold separation to preserve volatile oils ensuring high-quality extractions. The energy-efficient, low maintenance Diaphragm Compressor gas pump increases processing efficiency — 20 to 50% faster extractions — while consuming just half the power!

Ideal for mid to high-volume production operations or areas where limited electrical power is available. Uses 230V single-phase power or 3-phase 230v, 208v, 460v.

System Highlights

  • 5L, 5Lx5L. 20L, 20Lx20L, and 5Lx20L vessel combinations available.
  • Fully automated.
  • Closed loop system recovers 95% of the CO2.
  • Energy-efficient with cold separation processing and less maintenance with Diaphragm Compressor Technology.
  • Faster extractions.
  • Valveless Expansion Technology.
  • Quiet.
  • Multiple power options.
  • Our Industrial Control Panels are UL Listed!

Extraction Vessel
• Volume – 40L vessel holds around 20 pounds of dry, ground material
• Pressure – maximum pressure = 2000 psi (137 bar)
• Temperature – max 160F (71C)
• Materials – 304 stainless steel. Vessel interior is polished to food grade level.
• Closures – Hammer Union (commonly used in oil and gas industry for temporary piping), top with integral hinge
• Sealing mechanism – spring energized cup seal
• Filter – integral filters on closure heads. 20 micron.
• Temperature measurement – internal K type thermocouple senses actual extraction temperature
• Safety – non-isolable spring loaded safety relief valve prevents accidental over-pressurization

CO2 Recirculation Pump
• Electric motor driven diaphragm compressor
• Flowrate – 1.0-2.1 kg/min
• Construction – hydraulically actuated diaphragm
• Materials – all wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
• Safety – non-isolable spring loaded safety relief valve prevents
accidental over-pressurization

• 1 separator bank on each unit
• Pressure – Maximum pressure = 600 psi (41 bar)
• Temperature – max160F (71C)
• Materials – 304 stainless steel
• Closures – FDA sanitary style bolted
• Sealing mechanism – sanitary gasket, cured silicone
• Safety – non-isolable spring loaded safety relief valve prevents
accidental over-pressurization

Separation Mechanism
• Valveless Expansion Technology (VET) – flow path from extractor
to 1st separator is continuous diameter with no constrictions.
Separation occurs in 1st separator utilizing centrifugal separation
and depressurization.

Heat Exchangers
• Construction – tube in tube style
• Materials – 304 stainless steel
• Cooling/Heating media – water

• Recirculating chiller/heater
• Temperature range: -10C to 50C (14F to 158F)
• System operational range: 60F-140F

Control System
• Functions – Fully automatic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
touch screen interface with first level safety functionality and user
programmable pressure, temperature and time. Also has built in
hour and maintenance timers, and alarm log.
• Safety – pressure transducers monitor system pressure and shut
down system to prevent accidental over-pressurization
• Data acquisition
• Push alerts for system messaging
• UL 508A Listed


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