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Rack: Heavy duty stainless steel 24”x28” rack with casters.

Solvent Tank : 65 Liter Jacketed Solvent Tank.

Material Column : 10-13 LBS Biomass Capacity Jacketed Material Column.

Color Remediation Columns : 3 Liter Remediation Column with 5 and 1 micron sintered plates.

Collection Vessel : 65 Liter Jacketed Reactor with Drain Spout.

Drier Filter : Sight Glass Mounted for visibility of indicating Sieve.

Condenser : Open sleeved tube-in-shell heat exchanger.

Hoses : Stainless steel Braided

Fittings : Connections are all MJIC, Jackets are all barbed with valved quick disconnect, Valves are either house valves or hamlet

Ancillary equipment : Various options are available. Please contact your HFS sales representative for more information regarding recovery rates and processing time

Recovery Pump Option : CMEP-OL

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