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Full Jacketed Stainless Steel Molecular Wipe Film Distillation 0.2M2

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Molecular distillation is utilized for the purpose of purifying oils (or concentrates).

This distilled material can be used in variety, ranging from topicals, infused edibles, and for consumption via combustion.

Effective evaporation area : 0.2 m2
Maximum Speed : 50-350 (Rpm)
Operation Temperature : Up to 350 C
Vacuum level (mbar) : 0.001 mbar

The main body of WSS2 distillation equipment includes one feeding system, one 0.2 square short-path evaporator, one dual set of cooling unit, and two discharging units. The auxiliary facility includes one heating cycle unit, one vacuum unit, one cooling unit and one thermal insulating and heating unit. When the distillation is delivered into the short-path evaporator through the feeding system, it will be distributed on to the heating surface continuously and evenly by the liquid distributor on the rotor. Moreover, the thin-film wiper will wipe the distillation into an extra thin liquid film in the form of turbulent liquid. During this process, the light molecules evaporated from the heating surface will condense to form liquid inside the condenser, and then the liquid will be delivered through the condenser pipeline and discharged from the outlet pipe at the bottom of evaporator. The vacuum valve will collect the active light molecules into the condenser for the secondary condensation. The residue, which means the heavy molecules, will be discharged from the outlet pipe at the side of the evaporator

Wiped Film Molecular Distillation is carried out in an apparatus designed for high vacuum in order to allow the molecules to escape from the warm liquid into a cooler surface inside a condenser, before coming in contact with other molecules and setting down into the liquid. The process distinguishes the short residence time in the zone of the molecular evaporator exposed to heat, and low operating temperature due to high vacuum in the space of distillation.

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