Magnetic Stirring Hotplate



Weight 50 lbs

Magnetic Stirring Hotplate

– Heidolph

Smooth or intense, you decide.

The MR series Heidolph Magnetic Stirring Hotplate is engineered for the smooth to intense stirring and heating of non-viscous fluids. However, the unit will still work with more viscous fluids as well.

A computer-connectable magnetic stirring hotplate for data logging.

The RS 232 interface allows you to log data and information from your hotplate and store it for future runs. The ability to store information and reuse it on demand is an industry standard, meaning that you’ll get greater automation and consistency.

Chemically resistant, safe, and easy.

The Heidolph Magnetic Stirring Hotplate was engineered to very strict standards when it comes to: safety, ease of use, and stirrer development. The hot plate itself (which has a KeraDisk) is chemically resistant. This KeraDisk allows for heat to be transferred more quickly, reducing heating times and saving you money.

Sealed for longevity.

The Heidpolph Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate MR Series is sealed in a housing that reduces exposure to chemicals, fumes, and debris, which extends the life of the unit and prevents corrosion.

Don’t just take our word for it – these units are heavily used in labs around the world, and they have repeatedly stood up to the test of time.

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Weight 50 lbs