J-Kem Thermocouple Adapter, PTFE



Weight 50 lbs

J-Kem Thermocouple Adapter

Made of PTFE, the J-Kem Thermocouple Adapter is designed to allow a thermocouple to fit snugly into a much larger joint. We carry sizes 14/20 and 24/40. These adapters have a screwable cap, allowing you to easily tighten them. These adapters are particularly useful in distillation (or similar chemical processes) in which a perfectly placed thermocouple is paramount. For example, when you don’t want your thermocouple to touch the sides or bottom of heated glassware, or when you need to keep an angled thermocouple perfectly in place.

Includes Viton O-Ring.

Inside the cap is a Viton O-Ring, which expands when pressure is applied to it. This creates a tight thermocouple seal inside the adapter. The seal provides an airtight connection, so you can read and monitor temperatures without sacrificing vacuum levels. Always take care of your o-rings, ensure that they are properly lubricated, and make sure that you pay close attention to any wear and tear that might prevent you from achieving the desired vacuum in your system.

Weight 50 lbs