J-Kem Temperature Controller



Weight 50 lbs

J-Kem Temperature Controller

The J-Kem Temperature Controller is a great addition to any lab – especially for those of you worried about accurate temperatures in various parts of your experiment/system.

We currently offer two models of J-Kem Temperature Controllers: model 250 and 210.


  • Set and maintain ideal temperatures
  • Top and bottom mantle can be plugged in and controlled
  • Power control knob for percentage-based ramping

Set and maintain ideal temperatures.

The units regulate temperature by producing a temperature-dependent voltage, which is then read by the unit. The J-Kem Temperature Controller can then calcualte how much electricity the controller needs to output (in pulses or short bursts) to achieve the set temperature.

Both top and bottom mantle can be controlled.

The 250 unit allows for a top and bottom mantle to be plugged in and controlled, allowing for even greater heating potential.

Percentage based power control knob.

These units have a power control knob, which allows for percentage-based ramping from 0-100%. Each knob marker is denoted by a flask size, but you can think of them as power percentages ranging from 0 to 100%, with each click being proportional relative to the last.

There are multiple versions of thermocouple probes that can be plugged into Temperature Control units, and these probe variations will differ based on application and use.

Please note: If you encounter any problems with your temperature controller during its use, we recommend that you review the FAQ section on how to test if your unit is functioning properly. If your unit is still having problems after looking over the FAQ section, give us a call and we’ll take care of you!

Weight 50 lbs