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Weight 20 lbs

MagSil-PR – Activated Magnesium Silicate

– Carbon Chemistry

This Activated Magnesium Silicate (MagSil-PR) from Carbon Chemistry lets you remove pesticides, improve color, and improve claritydue to the powerful MagSil-PR properties. The magnesium silicate will bind to polar, water-soluble compounds.

Once these compounds have bonded with the MagSil, the solution can be filtered through a recommended, 20 micron mesh screen. This allows the fluid to flow through the mesh, while leaving behind any water-soluble polar compounds.

This product may also be used for the separation of fats/lipids due to its particles size, while still allowing for rapid flow rates through the media.

The most common application for magnesium silicate is as a packing agent in columns, and it is used in various kinds of chromatography, ranging from gas, liquid, capillary, adsorption and more!

Weight 20 lbs