LS Distillation Head V2 Silvered

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Weight 15 lbs

Each Lab Society short path distillation head was specifically designed for distilling compounds at an increased resolution and flow rate.

We currently offer two versions of our short path distillation head, the V1 and V2.


  • American-made, borosilicate glass
  • GL-14 fittings
  • Battle-tested
  • Vacuum-jacketed

V1 and V2 short path heads.

The chief difference between the V1 and the V2 short path head is the angle at which the joint connects. The V1 joint comes in at an angle of 75°, while the V2’s joint is at an angle of 65°. 

There are three ports, all of which have GL-14 fittings. Two ports are used for cooling, and one port is used for the vacuum monitoring. The bottom inner joint is 24/40, condenser inner joint is 24/40, and the top outer joint is 10/30.

American-made, borosilicate glass.

Both the V1 and V2 short path distillation heads are clear and are made with borosilicate glass. Each variant has the option to be coated in silver nitrate to increase heat retention for an overall better distillation.

Rugged and battle-tested.

The LS line of glassware is made in the United States, using top-of-the-line techniques. All of our original products are battle-tested and actually work, and we have strict demands and quality control of all of our original creations.

Refined based on user feedback.

You won’t find any cheap, poor quality products here. We’ve been refining this particular design for quite some time, and we’re thrilled to have been able to make some improvements based on our own testing and user feedback. We believe we’ve set the standard for the industry with this distillation head.


Both versions of this short path head are vacuum-jacketed to aid in thermal retention. The V2’s increased flow angle should allow for a higher throughput and require less condenser heating, as the compounds will have a greater incline to slide down than before.

Lab Society also offers a packable distillation head, which can be filled with packing of your choice. The packable version can greatly aid in separation.

Weight 15 lbs