Beaker, Stainless Steel


Weight 20 lbs

Stainless Steel Beaker

This stainless steel beaker can save you money, and it offers increased durability over common alternatives. Made from the highest-quality steel, these beakers have increased corrosion resistance over most other materials.


  • fire and heat resistant
  • easy to clean
  • long lifespan
  • impact-resistant
  • sturdy construction

Fire and heat resistant.

The stainless steel construction of these beakers offers you increased fire and heat resistance when compared to glass. The increased durability and heat resistance can have numerous practical advantages in a professional laboratory.

The advantage of a stainless steel beaker.

Stainless Steel beakers are particularly easy to clean*, they have a long lifespan, they are impact-resistant, and they have a considerable weight-to-strength advantage over glass counterparts.

*Note: please ensure the chemicals being used to clean the beaker or to fill the beaker are non reactive to stainless steel. Do not use a bleach solution to clean stainless steel or disinfect it.


If you have any questions about whether you should employ glass or a stainless steel beaker in your lab, please contact Lab Society.

Weight 20 lbs