Activated Charcoal/Carbon Powder, Reagent Grade, 500g


Weight 20 lbs

Activated Charcoal Powder

– by Lab Society


  • 500 g.
  • reagent grade
  • reduce inconsistencies
  • astronomical surface area to size ratio
  • enhanced filtration properties

Reagent Grade, 500g.

Looking for where to buy activated charcoal powder? Our Activated Charcoal Powder (Reagent Grade) is widely used in the industry as a decolorizer or as an adsorption agent. This Activated Charcoal is Lab/Reagent grade, which means it is a high enough grade to meet the rigorous demands of a professional laboratory.

Reduce inconsistencies.

Other, inferior grades of carbon can cause inconsistencies in product, which is why Lab Society recommends at least Lab or reagent-grade carbon for any serious laboratory.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal.

Activated charcoal, sometimes referred to as activated carbon, is laced with numerous tiny pores that greatly increase the surface area of the material. The astronomical surface area to size ratio means that active carbon can absorb or trap gasses or liquids at a far higher rate than other substances.

Enhanced filtration properties.

Removing impurities and aiding in purification are just two of the many beneficial properties of activated charcoal.

Looking for where to buy activated charcoal powder?

We sell activated charcoal powder online in increments of 500g, but bulk orders can be placed by calling us directly!

Weight 20 lbs