12L Single Head Upgrade

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Weight 30 lbs

12L Single Head Upgrade

– Lab Society

G3 12L Single Head Upgrade
Turn your dual-head 12L system into a single-headed one, with our new upgrade kit. With the included stoppers for the 34/45 head ports, you can now fit the all-new PDH-3V into the center 45/50 joint, along with a condenser that fits prior distribution adapters (cows) for easy fitment.

Kit Includes:

  • One (1) PDH-3V

    • The new PDH-3V has a 45mm bore size, with a 45/50 lower inner joint and 34/45 (34mm) discharge port.
    • silvered, for maximum thermal retention and decreased boiling point temperatures
    • The top joint is a 34/45 joint, for large packing insertion and vapor measurement.
  • One (1) Thermocouple Adapter – 34/45, fixed, Chemthread #4
  • One (1) Liebig Condenser – one 34/45 top outer, 29/42 bottom inner (primary), GL-18 connections for the jacket, and vacuum take-off for vacuum measurement or backfilling
  • Two (2) Chemglass Hollow Stoppers – 34/45
  • Stoppers and kecks included!
Weight 30 lbs