LP Carbon Steel Tank

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LP Carbon Steel Tank

Carbon Steel LP Tanks are the best choice when storing solvents for the long term because of their reliability and inherent safety mechanisms. These tanks are the standard in LP storage and transportation because of their conformance to strict DOT guidelines and UL listings. They come pre-charged with nitrogen gas to help create a dry interior to inhibit the formation of rust on the interior of the tank. Note: When storing these tanks empty the user must either backfill them with nitrogen or maintain and full vacuum to prevent moisture from creating rust on the interior.

***Note: Tank comes charged with nitrogen and does not include solvent and the 1/4″ flared connections do not require Teflon tape.

Key Features:

  • Valve Type: HVAC Y-Valve 1/4″ SAE(Valve Rated for 5 Years)
  • Service Pressure: 400 PSI
  • 1/4″ and 3/4″ NPT Ports for float switch and other add-ons.
  • Reusable and conforms to DOT-4BA400 specifications and ARI guidelines.
  • The tank is Pre-Charged with Nitrogen gas to provide a clean, dry interior.
  • High gloss powder coated finish for durability.

 Tank Sizes Available:

  • 30#
  • 50#
  • 100#

Butane Capacity Calculation: 

  • All solvent tanks sold by Best Value Vacs have their capacity determined by this calculation and are based on industry standard nomenclature of the water weight tank # system because the specific gravity of water is 1.000 and the DOT 80% fill guideline.
  • Example: 100# Tank = ~100lbs of water weight, Halfton Tank = 1000lbs of water weight.
Tank #  Water Weight in Lbs
Specific Gravity of Butane 0.601
80% Fill Guidline 0.800


(Tank #) * (Specific Gravity of Butane) * ( 80% Fill Guildine)



Tank/Component Material Carbon Steel/Brass
Specifications Met D.O.T. 4BA, D.O.T. 4BW
Connection Type(s) 1/4″ (7/16-20) SAE Flared
Butane Capacity:  
30# 14.424
50# 24.040
100# 48.080