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Whistler WT-Craft 150 Agitator Skid

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The WT-Craft 150 is Whistler Technologies smallest model. They decided to sell each piece individually or as an entire system to make it easier to step into an automated system.


There is the WT-Craft agitation skid, a 150L agitation tank, and this system can process up to 12kg of fresh frozen or 4kg of dry biomass per run. Featuring an integrated electrical system with a single 230V plug and play design.


The WT-Craft also boasts a pivot-able “easy pour spout” for emptying the agitator, and a patented “torus” agitation pattern.


When you are ready in your operations to move into automatic separation, the WT-Craft Separator can be added into this unit seamlessly.

** This is for the Agitator Skid ONLY – See WT Craft 150 System to Upgrade to a continuous flow system **


Agitator Specs:

Torus Flow Pattern
220 Micron SS False Bottom Touch Screen
Easy Pour Spout
4kg Dry Material
12kg Fresh Frozen Material

Whistler Technologies is the first company to produce a closed loop, continuous, and sanitary ice water trichome isolation system. Our innovative technology combines modern pharmaceutical process design, years of in-house research, and 30+ years of bubble hash production experience to create the world’s most advanced hash production equipment. All of our systems are modular with agitation tanks to remove trichomes from biomass, and separation systems to remove the trichomes from the water. These modules can be used separately and adapted to compliment equipment from other suppliers. We can help you improve the efficiency and profitability of solventless extraction.


Ice water extraction, especially from fresh frozen material, produces a concentrate with the closest possible representation of the plant.”
This means that all of the “contaminates”, or plant material that does not carry any significant amount of phytocannabinoids, are removed and only the active compounds of the plant remain. This makes ice water extraction unique and superior to all other extraction methods. The original effects and flavours are maintained in the least altered state possible, which allows the resulting hash to accurately reflect its strain’s characteristics.

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