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Whistler TR-25

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Whistler Technologies has devised a proprietary process to extract the cannabinoids and aromatic volatile compounds present in fresh bubble hash or any resin, into an edible oil base, and then decarboxylate in a single vessel reaction.

• Resulting product is a premium terpene enriched cannabis oil
• Lower cost than competition without any safety regulations like solvent extraction
• Higher terpene-to-cannabinoid ratio than the dried flowers
• Superior flavour and fragrance compared to oils prepared with solvents


Input: up to 6kg of Wet Hash

Production Cycle Time: 10-14 hours

Output: 95%-99% Efficiency and up to 12.5L Finished Oil

Space: 85 Sq Ft


After isolation from plant matter, the trichomes can be processed in a variety of methods. They can be air dried or lyophilized (freeze dried) for hash and then pressed into rosin. Alternatively, you can process fresh bubble hash into edible oil using our TERP Reactor. This innovative Terpene EnRichment Process (TERP) infuses fresh bubble hash directly into an edible carrier, creating a terpene-rich decarboxylated edible oil without the need for drying. This process captures the terpenes which would have otherwise been lost in the conventional drying, extraction, and decarboxylation practices used today. Using hash from fresh-frozen cannabis, this process can create edible extracts with higher terpene contents than dried cannabis of the same strain. They call the resultant oil Beyond Full Spectrum(™) because it is unlike anything seen in the market before it. When coupled with Whistler Technologies ice water extraction, the entire process of turning biomass into an edible oil uses only water, ice, and the carrier oil of your choice. This makes the process sustainable, cost effective, and organic, while producing the best possible product.


The TR-25 has a capacity of up to 6kg of wet resin, or up to 3kg of dry resin. This will produce up to 12.5 litres of finished oil.

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