Welch Dry PTFE Filtration Pump

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Welch Dry PTFE Filtration Pump

The Dry PTFE Filtration Pump (Model 2019) from Welch is a diaphragm vacuum pump and is durable, chemical-resistant and highly portable.

We recommend that you use Model 2019 for vacuum filtration, desiccation, degassing, and other mid-range vacuum applications. We also suggest that you use our universal silicone stopper and a duran flask to aid in the filtration process.


  • Supports up to a 6 port vacuum manifold
  • Durable, portable, chemical resistant
  • Capable of handling organic/aqueous solvents
  • 37L/min. flow rate, 18 PSIG of pressure

One pump can handle up to six vacuum applications.

This pump is mainly used for filtration, and it works particularly well in systems which incorporate manifold filtration.

The ability to support up to a six-port manifold makes this pump very versatile when compared to other pumps.

This pump is chemical resistant, and it can handle organic solvents, aqueous solvents, light acids or bases. The PTFE Filtration Pump’s free air flow can achieve 37L/min., and it can also be pressurized up to 18 PSIG.

If you are dealing with more caustic samples, you might want to consider using a vacuum trap or cold trap to help reduce the chance of damaging the pump in operation. Avoiding potential damage through proper use, care, and maintenance of this unit will in turn reduce or eliminate down time, saving you valuable resources and money down the road.

About Welch:

Welch is a trusted brand in the vacuum pump space for a reason – they offer reliable, affordable, and highly functional products that are designed for real-world use. We carry many makes and models of Welch vacuum pumps, utilizing the latest technology and advancements.

We’re here to help.

We stand behind the idea that a company should only sell products it believes in, and that’s why we’ve carefully selected our catalog based on years of experience in the field. We understand that the process can be intimidating for some, so we’re here to help you!

If you aren’t quite sure which PTFE Filtration Pump solution is right for you, or if you’d like more information about the correct application of this or other pumps, please feel free to call Lab Society at the number listed above!

Specification: Welch Dry PTFE Filtration Pump

Weight 50 lbs

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