Vertical Dewar Condenser

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A Gorgeous, Custom Vertical Dewar Condenser.

– by Lab Society

Vertical Dewar Condenser
Our all new, Dewar-style Condenser lets you capture vapors right inside your condensing chamber. Our signature Vertical Dewar Condenser has an opening on top, which allows you to fill the condenser with a coolent, such as dry ice or solvents using an immersion chiller.


  • 24/40 joints
  • collect condensate and let it drip into a flask
  • protect your pump from harsh compounds
  • maximize the efficiency of your system

Newly re-envisioned, the LS Vertical Dewar Condenser can attach to various parts of your laboratory system, and it allows for a vacuum pull via the top inner 24/40 joint*. The cold finger on the inner bottom portion of the condenser allows condensate to collect together and drip through the 24/40 bottom outer joint into a collection flask.

Refined, new, and improved.

The ability to condense vapors in a strategic portion of the system will allow one to protect their pump from harsh compounds.

Help your pumps last longer.

Cold traps are commonly employed in labs to reduce pump maintenance. Reducing pump maintenance via a cold trap allows the user to perform fewer oil changes, increases life expectancy of the pump, and it will aid in keeping the vacuum at its optimal level for longer.

These are all important factors when dealing with vacuum pumps, and we always recommend that you make use of a cold/vacuum trap to reduce contaminates from entering your pump.

A true custom original.

This is yet another American-made, original Lab Society custom piece of glass, and we believe it’s part of the next era of distillation. If you have any questions about it (or if you just want to listen to use brag about how proud we are of it), just give us a call!

*Depending on your set-up, certain adapters may be required for this.

Note: An Immersion Chiller or dry ice may be required to condense efficiently.

Specification: Vertical Dewar Condenser

Weight 20 lbs

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