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USA Lab 5L Single Jacketed Glass Reactor

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The USA Lab 5L Single Jacketed Glass Reactor is the best reactor on the market. Each reactor has an outer jacket allowing circulation of liquid ranging in temperature from -80°C to 250°C.

No expense has been spared with these reactors, yet we crush the market on pricing to provide great value at a low cost. Our reactors are the best value on the market and each one comes with fantastic customer servicelocal product support and a 1 year warranty. 

Bring your lab to the next level, and get started with a USA Lab single jacketed reactor today!


Glass Material: GG-17 Borosilicate Glass

•Reaction Vessel Capacity: 5L

•Material Flask Capacity: 1L

•Fluid Jacket Capacity: 0.8L

•Rotary Speed: 0-450 RPM

•Glass Temperature Range: -80°C to 250°C / -112°F to 482

•Power Requirements: 110-120V 60Hz 15A 5-15P Plug Installed

•Stirrer Wattage: 90W

•Vacuum Level: Under 0.098 Mpa

•Dimensions: 16″L x 18″W x 68″H

•Weight: 75 lbs

•Speed Regulation: Digital Step-Less

•Condenser and Feed Valve Barbs: 10MM – 3/8″

•Bottom Drain Port: 16MM – 5/8″

•Fluid Connection: 16MM – 5/8″


USA Lab 5L Jacketed Reactor JR-5

1 set

Main Condenser

1 pc

1L Material Flask

1 pc

Reflux Flask with Valve

1 pc

Feed Ports

1 sets

Lid Glass PTFE Stopper w/ Barb

1 pc

Strap for Condenser

1 sets

Control Box

1 pc

Vacuum Gauge

1 pc

Support Rings

1 pcs

Stirring Motor w/ Paddle

1 set

Temperature Probe

1 pc

S35 Metal Clamp

1 pc

3oz. Vacuum Grease

1 pc

Vacuum Hose

10 ft.

5-15P Plug (Pre-Installed)

1 pc

 We ship all glassware products with additional care, but sometimes they arrive broken. If glassware arrives broken, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your product and we will either send you a brand new piece or send you a refund!  Any glassware broken after delivery voids all warranties. Thank you for understanding!

USA Lab is not responsible for glassware failure due to improperly checked glassware before and after use. Over time glassware may develop imperfections through usage, stress, misuse and even temperature variations. It is your responsibility as the consumer to inspect glassware prior to and after use for any imperfections that may have occurred. Upon inspection, if any imperfections are noticed, do not use the glassware. Glassware with imperfections may fail and cause harm.

1 Year parts and labor warranty included, glass is not covered under warranty.

 For Technical Support, Questions, or Other Issues Please Email or Call Us!


UPC: 810047122968

Condition: New

Shipping: Calculated at Checkout

Model: JR-5


Brand: USA Lab Equipment

Power Requirements: 110-120V 50-60Hz 15A Single Phase

Specification: USA Lab 5L Single Jacketed Glass Reactor

Weight 175 lbs

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