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Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Leaf Collector Vacuum and Narrow & Standard Tumblers

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The All New Twister T2S Trimming Machine

The Twister T2S Trimming Machine is here just in time for harvest! With all the power and efficiency of the original T2, this updated version also includes:

  1. Full Stainless Steel Guarding for both Tumbler & Blades
  2. Includes 2 New Tumbler Guards & Upgraded Control Box
  3. Guards cover all Pinch Points, preventing access to the sides of the tumbler & rollers on the end plates
  4. Stainless Tumbler Guards clean with less effort & have 92% more open area than plastic guard
  5. Control Box is fitted with an emergency stop & tumbler guard includes an interlock to shut the machine down if lifted

When it comes to commercial grows, quality matters

The Twister T2S will meet the demands of just about any commercial facility, processing 15-19 pounds an hour dry, and up to 88 pounds wet. This trimming machine is very lightweight and features a completely watertight, stainless steel design. It can deliver heavy-weight results for any sized commercial grow.

Instead of spending days or weeks trimming your plants by hand, use the T2S and cut your trimming time down to a matter of hours!

Twister T2 with Trim Saver

Legendary Build Quality

When you purchase a Twister, you are investing in over ten years of manufacturing experience. Quality is in our DNA. We strive each and every day to build the best equipment on the planet. How do measure this type of quality? Customer Success. T2S’s have trimmed over 10 million pounds of flower in the last 10 years?

Preserve the Profile of your Flower

Why grind down the appearance of your flower (with other dry trimmers) when you can keep the natural beauty and quality profile of your flower intact with Twister’s SoftTumble (TM) technology. How is this possible? Keep the magic number at 11.

Easy Tear Down and Cleaning

Disassembles in seconds, giving you easy access to the components when needed. No tools required.

Trusted by the Best

A large percentage of the world’s flowers is trimmed on the Twister T2S. Most of our largest producers run T2S’s each and every day for up to 12-14 hours a day. The question becomes, if the largest facilities on the planet trust the Twister T2S, maybe you should too?

Scale and bring costs down

The Twister T2S is designed for large scale production lines that care about consistency and quality control. Most T2S customers started with one machine and have grown and scaled out to multiple production lines running 12-18 T2S’s at a time. Why does this matter? When you choose a T2S, you choose a future that you can scale on.

100% Watertight

Did we mention it’s watertight? In fact, it’s the only trimmer on the planet that is, keeping your machine safe from any water or moisture damage. Consider this built-in investment protection. Another reason to choose Twister T2S.

Twister T2S Machine Specifications

  • Input Voltage-120V
  • Current Draw– 14.8A
  • Blade Motor-1HP, Fan Cooled, Stainless
  • Tumbler Motor– 1/30HP, Epoxy Coated, Watertight
  • Cut Height– 0.040″ / 1/25 / 1mm
  • Weight– 215lbs/97.5kg
  • Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector)– 420lbs/190kg
  • Length– 42.5in/107.9cm
  • Width– 27.5in/69.9cm
  • Height– 32.5in/82cm
  • Discharge– 6in/152mm
Leaf Collector Specs

  • Input Voltage– 208 / 230V
  • Motor– 2HP, UL & CSA Approved, Fan Cooled
  • Amps (running)– 9A
  • Amps (startup)– 45A
  • Motor Speed– 3450RPM
  • Airflow Capacity– 1700CFM
  • Static Pressure-10.5in of H20
  • Impeller– 12″/305mm
  • Inlet– 6″/153mm
  • Height– 36in / 91.5cm
  • Weight– 123lbs/56kg
  • Circuit Breaker Required– 15A / 240V
  • Connector (plug)– 15A 250V (NEMA 6-15)
  • Sound Rating– 80 db
  • Fused– Yes
  • Maintenance Clean impeller housing frequently. Clean filter bag.

Specification: Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Leaf Collector Vacuum and Narrow & Standard Tumblers

Weight 420 lbs

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