Tortoise Dung Agar Plates

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Premium nutrient agar blend made from a tortoise dung agar mixture, shipping in sterilized packaging ready to go for mycelial transfers.


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Tortoise Dung Agar Petri dishes

Recipe includes:

  • 1 g/L Tortoise Dung Extract
  • 5 g/L Malt Extract
  • 2 g/L Yeast Extract
  • 0.72 g/L of Calcium Sulfate
  • 0.10 g/L Peptone
  • 15 g/L of Bacteriological Agar

The dishes are heat sealed in shrink plastic in set of 10. If you want sealed individually please purchase Seal Package.

*Tip of the Cap disclaimer: Petri Dishes are sealed in sets of 10, open with care. You can remove dishes singly from packaging to keep remaining dishes sealed from contamination. Please check packages for any issues with the product or contamination upon arrival. Store plates in an upright position in a cabinet along inner wall for consistent temperature, or a cooler to keep temperatures constant. I do not recommend storing plates for more than a month or in the refrigerator.*

Each set of petri dishes comes with a pack of parafilm.


Specification: Tortoise Dung Agar Plates


10 Plates, 20 Plates

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