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The Original Resinator – Flagship XL Model

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PurePressure’s top recommended multi-function solventless extraction sifting machine! The XL Model offers maximum capacity and throughput for the ultimate in multi-use trichome extraction and trimming. It also includes all of the accessories you need right out of the box!

Not sure which trichome extractor to choose?

  • 100% USA Made, multi-use trichome extraction
  • Live resin extraction – Freeze, Fracture, Extract
  • Bladeless tumbling trimmer, cuts trim time by 85%
  • Rotating separator
  • Process up to 14.5 lbs or 6,500 grams of plant material per load
  • Get 20% + returns in under 1 hour
  • Wet-dry-flash freeze all in one
  • Bubble while you tumble technology
  • Food grade material maintains edible extraction standards
  • Easy to load, clean & RELOAD
  • Removable, washable screens available in 6 different sizes
  • Transparent quality control Lid also serves as sanitary Workstation
  • Utilize liquid or gas for botanical assisted extraction

Includes the following accessories:

Each Resinator purchase comes with a 3 piece set of 200, 100 & 75 micron rated Drum Screens & a 3 piece set of 200,100 & 75 micron rated Resin Collection Bags, a 1/4″ mesh Trim Screen, a 6 piece set of Anti-Bacterial Resin Collection Tools, all Plug-n-Play Necessaries for water/gas operation, Digital Scale & FREE shipping within the continental U.S. CO2 Tank not included.

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